quick Divorce

Long Engagement but a quick Divorce

What are the Astrological reasons which prompts one to file for Divorce ? is there are any way by which Divorce could be avoided ? What are Astrological tools which can  help one to avoid break ups in Relationship ? All these queries shall be answered by Relation Counselor astrologer Siddhartha Goell 

There’s a rise in the number of couples getting divorced within a few years of being married,  despite a very long courtship period.  What’s going wrong  ?

Anjali and Rahul met each other in Delhi, when they both were around 34 . Rahul was native of Delhi and had his own place.  While Anjali rented out an accommodation  for herself.  Weekends were spent together at Anjali’s place. It was Almost as if they were living together. Families from both sides knew that they were dating and will get married someday.  In their 8 year’s long relationship they had their ups and downs.
But after long courtship period of 8 years they broke up this Relationship. Same type of cases come up in Marriage also.   Couples after long courtship decides to get married but within few months of their Wedding, cracks starts becoming visible.  Which leads to frequent quarrels and finally they get divorce.
Now what Reason would one give in such cases where the couple has spent significant time to understand one another’s expectations, weighed in all options and taken a firm decision to get Married, only to split within few months or years  ??

Why and how are these Marriages breaking so often ??

Transitional woes and Reasons explained by Psychiatrists are many. But what could be done before to save the Damage ??
Answer to this puzzle is very simple.  One’s Horoscope gives clear picture about future prospects of couples, about to get married or those who are in steady Relationship.

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