Marriage or Bed hopping ?

You must have experienced a lot of bitter and sweet experiences and exchanges with a variety of persons, but a biggest question lies in your mind, whether this love affair would turn out into a marriage or will it only end up in bed hopping.

A brief parameters are mentioned below for astrology lovers, to differentiate between the thin line:-

  1. Judge the promise for marriage in the horoscopes of boy and girl individually.
  2. Moon based matching
  3. Matching based on placement of planets in different houses.
  4. Some other factors which needs consideration
  5. Current Dasha prevailing

Analyzing the promise in horoscope for Marriage

Following areas are to be looked for Marriage:

  1. Condition of the 7th house
  2. Condition of the 7th lord
  3. Condition of the significator Venus
  4. Condition of the 7th house from Venus
  5. Kendras of Navamsha for predominant benefic or malefic influence
  6. Condition of 7th lord of birth chart in navamsha
  7. Condition of Venus in navamsha
  8. 7th house and 7th lord of navamsha chart
  9. 7th house and 7th lord of Rashitulya navamsha

Love is in the air, as it is Valentine’s time, but be careful not to get your fingers burned.

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