Electro-Crystal Therapy

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Crystals and gemstones have been used naturally for thousands of years and have always been sacred to healing, acting as condensers for healing energies.

Electro crystal therapy is a method of diagnostic assessment and treatment of energy imbalances, whereby crystals are stimulated by pulsed high frequency electro- magnetic waves generated by a battery operated unit. The minerals, gems and or crystals are placed in a sealed glass to be filled with a saline solution. This is so that the specimens are surrounded by a conductive electrolyte. The gemstones are then electrically stimulated at various pulse repetition rates. Whilst pulsed high frequency treatment can be effective on its own, research has shown that when it is combined with these crystals and spectrum of healing increases, and we have treated many disorders ranging from acne to arthritis, calcaneal spur to cancer, migraine to mental tension, with a noticeably, good success.

The changes that occur in the crystals and in the human energy field have been shown by Kirlian photography and by other monitoring methods. However, we accept that though we have beneficially treated many complaints it is still much too early to be making any claims of complete cure since many cases need long term monitoring to see if symptoms return. There is always possibility of natural remission or suggestion on the part of practitioner. All these factors must be considered, but even so with this therapy we are getting excellent results. Harry Oldfield personally believes that miracle cures can only come about by the grace of god.

Harry Oldfield pioneered kirlian photography as a medical research tool in U.K and abroad. From this he developed a three dimensional method of scanning the body using electrical fields. After discovering that disease states manifest first in the body’s energy fields, he went on to develop methods with which to treat these energy imbalances. The method became known as Electro Crystal Therapy, which now include crystals optical therapy and crystals sound therapy. He is the founder and principal of an international organization known as “School of Electro Crystal Therapy”.

Treatments: It must be emphasized that Electro-Crystal Therapy, does not take the place of medical diagnosis and treatment. Electro crystal therapy is a complete non-invasive form of therapy. The only items of dress the patient is asked to remove are large pieces of jewelery whilst being scanned.

On the first visit the patient will be scanned by a practitioner using a special diagnostic meter!  This helps the practitioner to assess the extent of the problem and the area that needs treatment. As this is a holistic therapy which treats the patient as a whole rather than just the symptoms, there should be no surprise if the area being treated is not actually the area which is in the pain or discomfort. During the treatment session the patient will be sitting comfortably in a chair. The electrode containing the crystals will be placed over the area to be treated and held in place by a soft Velcro strap, or in some cases by the patient’s own clothes( e.g.-tucked inside sleeves). Initially the practitioner may sit with the patient to discuss and talk about the problem, but often one may be left alone for a period of time to relax and absorb the electro-magnetic forces. The length and frequency of treatments required varies and a lot depends on the severity of the problem, the patient’s own level of vitality and the speed of response. Most people respond better to regular short treatments. There have been no recorded adverse effects due to this therapy.

Crystals: Today Quartz crystals is used in many ways in our daily lives in frequency makers to synchronize precisely accurate time in our clocks and watches; to transit whole spectrum light in optical lenses and prisms; to focus energy in laser technology (used even in delicate eye surgery). Quartz crystal has the ability to transform, store and focus and transfer energy.

Quartz crystals has piezo-electric properties, which are ability to respond in a definite and unique vibratory pattern, when electrically or mechanically stimulated. These properties are due to the alignment of positive and negative charges within the crystal molecule and the lattice structure. The energy field surrounding a human being is extremely complex and variable when the energy fields of a crystal and human interact, the focused pattern of the crystal has a stabilizing, effect on the individual’s energy field. Other crystals while have piezo electric properties are Topaz gems and Tourmaline gems.

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