Bliss and Agony of Marriage

The vital role of Astrology in the social life of men and women needs to be studied carefully. It is to be seen that the principles of Astrology are applied fairly. Human needs and desires are manifold. It requires therefore, a continuous approach to astrological consultations.

Marriage, a sacred institution of the boy and the girl is above the civil laws. It is widely controlled by the law of nature. When the question of marriage is considered, various factors such as physical fitness, mental qualities, sexual compatibility and social and economic status attract our attention. Spirit, Mind and Materials are three factors, which control the human behaviors that are the result of the interaction of these factors. In astrology these can be grouped, for a proper assessment of causes of happy wedlock.

For a successful married life certain astrological dictums are discussed here, which have been taken from different classics for the benefit of the readers:

  1. There would be attraction between the boy and the girl, if, they are born in the ascendant’s sign which falls just opposite to each other.
  2. If Mars, is occupying the place of Venus, or aspects it, in the horoscope of other partner it gives strong desire for Sex. The close association of such persons may prove dangerous unless some other modifying factors are present in the two horoscopes.
  3. If Venus is placed in the place of Sun or Moon, in the horoscope of another partner, it gives strong attachment and affection. As a result, the married life of the newly wedded couple will be happy and prosperous.
  4. When the Sun is placed in trine from the Moon in the horoscope of the other partner or when Moon is similarly placed, this will bring a deep friendship between the boy and the girl, after they marry each other.
  5. If the places of the Sun, the Moon and the ascendant in one horoscope are afflicted by malefics in the other chart, it will bring disaster in the life of the couple. There will not be a satisfactory relations between the two whose planets are mutually positioned in such a manner.