Matching of horoscope for Marriage

The question of what is a good or bad match for marriage, is one of the most complicated questions to answer astrologically. It is as difficult as deciding the issue of what is destined and what is freewill.

“Planets and Nakshatras only indicate the auspicious and inauspicious for persons, they do not cause any karma….”

Destiny is a question of faith and it cannot be proved with logic. It is the interest of people to accept this. You will never know whether your marriage was destined or of your choice. So before you get married try to find a good match as if it is your free will and after marriage accept it as your destiny.

It is impossible to define a happy marriage. The social and cultural environment plays a decisive role in making a marriage workable or disastrous. There are no rigid cause –effect relationships in astrology. No single factor can help in predicting success or failure in a particular area.

We have to study all the variables in totality and then decide what exactly a particular combination will mean in the given socio cultural environment as that also will be indicative and not decisive because manifestation of results will be different in Satwika, Rajasika and Tamsika persons. As dasha of 7th lord at the age of 70, for one it  may mean, time of recite Mahamrityunjaya mantra , and for other it may mean, the time to get settled and get married.

These days we come across cases where a boy and a girl have already decided to get married and the parents out of curiosity want to know about compatibility. In such cases situation based wisdom should be exercised

Thus a task of a marriage counsellor is very complicated in modern times when all forces are going against the institution of Marriage. Keeping in view all these factors, our research team has worked and tried out to identify the parameters to be used to judge Marriage compatibility.