Blue Sapphire

In the life of good man with a spiritual bent of mind such a tormenting period is also notable for attachment to a higher ideal. Saturn first detaches from and then attaches and to….it depends on our karmas. That gift of Saturn is least noticed.

Following is my observation about Blue Sapphire, which is Saturn’s gemstone.

If you wish to contest an election

To get your due respect in society

Headache, especially in half side of the head

To get yourself free from any witchcraft done on you

Arthritis, pain in joints or in lower legs

Chronic illness or disease

If losing money or incurring losses, fall in career graph

Facing failure, helps to curb failure

To remove or overcome obstacles in work

Helps to curb disease generating due to air element, in body

Weakness of mind, strengthens your will power

If in job or service sector, or any other activity related to iron and timber

For upliftment in one’s profession and increase in income

For careful analysis in financial matters

However, gem should be worn only after thorough analysis of one’s horoscope, we at, prescribe the appropriate gem for you, after examining and understanding your problem.