Ruby, gem for Royal planet Sun

If you have ambition to be successful in politics or even become a head of any organization or want harmonious relations with your bosses or if you want your work to be recognized, or if you want to attain good administrative qualities, then in all such matters, wearing a Ruby gemstone will help you a lot.

To be successful in competitive exams, or to administrate

If you are Doctor or in any way associated with medicine business, Sun plays a major role in your life.

Between mid to October till mid of November, Sun is in his Debilitation. People born during this time of the year, perhaps, have weakness of eyes, any kind of eye infection or vision, will have started wearing spectacles early in life. During this time around every year they are likely to suffer some affliction due to Sun, but their own running dasha/ time period as per their own horoscope, will play a major role. In weak time period problem will aggravate.

Weak Sun, gives some personality disorders like, inferiority complexes, adamant, lack of leadership qualities, not much harmonious relations either with own father or with your bosses or with higher authorities.

Weak Sun if placed in any house of one’s horoscope, is likely to give problems, related to significance of that house. Like a weak Sun, placed in 7th house of one’s horoscope , will play a negative role, in one’s married life, nature of husband or wife is adamant or uncompromising, sexual union, affairs, loose sex life, sexual passion, will all end up in bitter experiences.

Likewise thorough analysis of Sun’s position in one’s horoscope, determines the kind of joys or sorrows, one will get.

To strengthen Sun, Ruby or Red Spinel is advised to be worn by an individual.