Wonder gem Emerald

In humans,Mercury is significator of wits and wisdom.

It commands your vocal skills and communication.

Afflicted mercury hampers your above stated traits in your personality.

Good and strong presence of Mercury, in one’s natal chart promises intelligence, quick grasping power, mathematical calculations, excel in creative arts, good glossary, logic, writing, higher education, journalism, publishing and more….

Mercury governs that faculty of mind which has vital role in acquiring knowledge and intelligence, it sets parameters judging one’s IQ level, and therefore in humans it governs one’s memory retention power. A weak or debilitated Mercury is fully capable of giving you memory loss, absent mindedness, laziness, sadistic nature, weakness of will power and other different problems or diseases arising due to brain malfunctioning.

In the following circumstances, I’ve recommended my clients to wear a Good quality Emerald gem, to strengthen mercury.

When deaf, dumb or there’s some speech related problem like stammering

Spinal cord or nervous system related problems

Mental disorders, mental tensions

Skin infection, allergy

For upliftment in one’s profession and increase in income

For careful analysis in financial matters

However, gem should be worn only after thorough analysis of one’s horoscope, we at www.goelgems.com, prescribe the appropriate gem for you, after examining and understanding your problem.