what does Stars foretell for Arvind Kejriwal


” Raj Yogas in Arvind Kejriwal’s horoscope’

Leo  ascendant horoscope of Shri Arvind Kejriwal Chief Minister of Delhi, has following combinations to be understood by astrology lovers:

Trikona 5th lord of dignity Jupiter and kendra 10th lord of profession Venus combined with 2nd and 11th lord Mercury, all placed in lagna.

PAC connection of 7th lord of position Saturn with 4th lord of parliament Mars, through exchange of rashi lords Moon-Mars.

From jaimini point of view it’s conjunction of Amatyakarak with Darakarak in 9th house of luck, aspecting 5th lord Jupiter placed in lagna.

Conjunction of Atmakarak with Putrakarak placed in 12th house aspecting 4th and 10th house.

Saturn-Moon Visha Yoga and Kejriwal’s aggressive temper

Moon,which is Karka of mind, is conjuncted with planet of democracy Saturn. Saturn is suppressed class in society, here debilitated shani is retrograde (which is 7th lord of public image, means how people perceive you) it turned out favorable for him. This helped him secure maximum votes from people from lower strata.

Moon-Saturn combination gave him stubborn behavior. As both planets are placed in fiery planet Mars’ sign, Aries. Which gives hyper sensitive nature and impulsive attitude.

Saturn is debilitated which is good sign for career in politics.

Mars, the warrior is also debilitated, conjuncted with royal planet Sun in 12th house gave him adamant behavior. Moreover here it’s in exchange with it’s rashi lord Moon, placed in 9th house, which confirms his differences with Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi, officials of Delhi administration and other dignitaries. As Mars aspects 3rd house of valor and 6th house of controversies and litigation, it gives him enough stamina to fight. But as 3rd house also belongs to your friends, colleagues, associates, so it’s separative nature spoils relationship with them, his associates’ parts away and this separation ends on ominous note.  This debilitated Mars is Jaimini Pk mental inclination which lends dictatorial tendency, rashness and sometimes even tactlessness.

Such people don’t listen to anybody, once they decide what to do. He did make a mark and as had become a terror for the corrupt no doubt. He is remembered for that even now though accused by opposition leaders and media, on many occasions.

It makes him of assertive nature, sometimes aggression as it’s associated with Sun whose nature is itself hot, anyone who comes in contact Sun gets burnt by its burning heat. Sun is government, government servants, dignitaries, people placed in higher position in government body. Because of this malefic influence on this house, he always get in controversies with  government servants.  As its happening in 9/12 houses, involving 6th house and it’s lord Saturn, took him to court several times. Gave him loss of Reputation, on some occasions.

Salient features of horoscope of  Shri Arvind Kejriwal

Because of exchange 4rd and 12th lords, he made his way into politics through the help of Anna Hazare. Thereafter made efforts to carve career in politics in most unrealistic ways. By fasting, hunger strikes, climbing on electric poles etc. Public of Delhi still remembers how he use to sleep on Rajpath road on winter nights with mufflers tied around his head.


Benefic planets Mercury, Jupiter and Venus all planets of advisory, planning are placed in lagna. Jupiter is BK and Venus is MK seat of power forms combination for holding seat of power. Here combination of mercury which is karka of speech as 2nd lord and 11th lord of achievements helped him made Chief Minister of Delhi both times during its dasha. First served as Chief Minister from December 2013 to February 2014, stepping down after 49 days. Because sub period lord Mecury is in it’s Mrityubhag, provoked him to make miscalculated move. He is the national convener of the Aam Aadmi Party. His party won the 2015 Delhi Assembly elections with a majority, obtaining 67 out of 70 assembly seats, which till date is a record in itself.

Major period of 5th lord Jupiter also 8th lord of mysteries, intrigues and suddenness is conjuncted with 10th lord of profession also 3rd lord of efforts and alliances,  aspects 6th  lord of competition i.e. Saturn, all this clubbed together makes him such a leader who fights democratic elections and captures power.

Jaimini karaks and their influences in the vital areas of horoscope show the psychological side of a personality through subtlest hints. The dasha shows the time of their appearance, manifestation, fading and disappearance.

Fate of Arvind Kejariwal in general elections 2019

Main dasha lord Jupiter, is strong in friendly royal sign Leo. In transit it’s in 4th house of parliament. In Birth chart Jupiter is in 2/12 axis with sub period lord Sun. which is a weak signal. Moreover in navamsha chart 4th lord Jupiter is aspecting 12th lord Sun.

Sun is lagna lord placed in 12th House with 4th lord Mars. This suggests that he might plan to take steps to expand his party’s base in different states and his focus will also be in other regions/states. Traveling will happen more frequently.

Difficult times are ahead of him, as his Varshkundli also doesn’t indicates any good signal for forthcoming year 2019 which happens to be an important year because of lok sabha elections.

Period till March 2019 shall be tough time for him as things will not turn out to be in his favour. Will have difficulty in performing his job, will hamper smooth functioning.

From rashi dasha Pisces Bhartikarak Jupiter, Matrikarak Venus, Gyantikarak Mercury falls in 6th house of struggles and from sub period rashi dasha Kanya these comes in 12th house. Will keep him involved in controversies. Health will remain weak.

As pisces is also Karakamsha lagna so till feb 2019 time is tough.

In Libra sub period starting from March 2019, he again will start to regain his loosing grip because by then transit Rahu will leave his 12th house and planets placed therein. But results will not be upto his expectations. However he will form alliances and rope in more people from other states.

From libra Rahu will be falling in 6th house of fight, struggle, competition, and it’s depositor Jupiter will be in 11th house of success, so it will help him achieve little success in 2019 lok sabha elections.




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