Inside story of Priyanka Chopra


Taurus ascendant horoscope of famous actress Priyanka Chopra . Untainted exhalted Moon placed in lagna made her attractive and beautiful and gave her fair complexion and skin. Let’s discuss about the vital combinations here of this versatile actress. Here lagna lord Venus is in 2nd house of communication with it’s lord Mercury, which itself is karka of speech, alongwith rahu. Here all these planets are aspected by 10th lord of profession which is Saturn. It helped her to carve out career in acting as well as in singing. Above all 2nd house is also aspected by 11th lord Jupiter i.e gains, achievements.

Starting from 2015 in her mercury period, who’s well placed , she began starring as Alex Parrish on the ABC drama Quantico, becoming the first South Asian woman to headline an American network series.

As the major period is of Jupiter dasha, placed in 6th house of competition, aspecting 12th house of foreign country, aspecting 2nd house of money and family, helped her achieve titles, honours, awards, monetary and material gains of all sorts, and at last also got her married. Because of Rahu which is planet of unorthodoxy and foreigner, she got married with a one. Secondly it can also be confirmed by Mars which is 7th lord of birth chart, is placed in 7th house of navamsha with ketu, which again notifies a person other than her religion and because of Mars, which is a youth planet gave her a young husband. Aspect  of shani which is planet of delay, delayed her marriage, however because of 7th lord of marriage mars, placed in 5th house of emotions, gave her a love marriage. In vimshottri dasha scheme it’s jup/shani both has PAC connection with 7th house, 7th lord, lagna lord, 2nd,5th,7th,11th,12th house ie. Capable of giving marriage. In yogini it’s Venus/mercury both are in 2nd house. In jaimini it’s  scorpio/cancer, major rashi falls in 7th house of marriage aspected by DK sun. cancer rashi has DK, DKN and also 7th padh all signifies marriage. However official marriage was held on 1st December 2018 in Jodhpur (to Nick Jonas) in her Gemini sub period.

Close scrutiny of her charts and her moves, clarifies that all actions in her professional life is well planned accordingly as per the dasha which is going on at that stage of time, therefore giving her 100% results.

But there’s lot of afflictions with relationship related houses and planets. Taking into consideration past events can be verified and confirmed with ample astrological tools explaining all what has happened in the past. But to maintain dignity of privacy I will not reveal so, unless asked by herself.  However what my piece of advice for her in the coming year is as follows:

  1. From april 2019 on wards, she’ll face relationship issues in her marriage. She should watch her mouth during this time period as using foul, vulgar, abusive language may spoil her relationship with near dear ones or even with close family members. Consuming of liquor and non veg food should also be avoided or quantity should be limited to it’s lowest. Has to be careful with her words.

2.Her stars indicate that she’ll move abroad or change her residence of a while and              from year 2020 might change it permanently in her 4th lord Sun’s sub period.         Which  will give her more travelling, residence shifting.

  1. Nothing more of her personal life will come out now but yes, period starting from 2023 will bring major changes, which will change the whole picture altogether.


Data source of birth details:,_Priyanka

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  1. Esbeidy says:

    Hello I was wondering if you could do an updated reading on priyanka chopra jonas 🤗? I would love to read more about her career and marriage if possible ❤️ big fan of URS!

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