Future of Mr.Kamalnath as CM

For the better understanding of astrology lovers, first let me explain the charts of Shri Kamalnath Nath ji, CM of Madhyapradesh.  


The ascendant lord Jupiter who’s sub period lord is in 8th house of intrigues, scandals, which also indicates break in present pattern. Its depositor Venus is in 9th house in Rahu/Ketu axis along with three another planets including 4th lord Mercury and 9th lord Mars itself. In the fine print it must be analyzed carefully here, that 4th lord of simhaasan i.e. Mercury is in Mritybhag.  Besides that Sun which is 6th lord of controversies, struggle, fight is also conjoined with above captioned planets in 9th house.

Prevailing ongoing dasha is of rashi dhanu/meen. Dhanu is the rashi of steep rise and fall. Mysterious sign, power, high position etc. can be achieved in this period on the other hand person also falls from height, serious health issues may also hamper one’s growth process. On an whole in this period power of your opponents increase and one has to face the challenge. Moreover it has up pada which takes one to hospital, prison and likewise, person is likely to come across loss of some sort either of position or of health. From the dhanu rashi Amk shani falls in 8th house and majority of planets in 12th house, which clearly means that he shall not able to complete his tenure as Chief Minister of state. Present dasha of meen Ak Jupiter falls in 8th house helpless in enemy sign aspected by Rahu. Have to face struggles and challenges to maintain his position. Amk shani and DKN in 5th house of change is also aspected Rahu.

From yogini point of view its Venus/Moon. Moon being untainted in 7th house of position made him CM but as next dasha starting from Jan 2109, clouds of uncertainty and controversies will engulf him. It’ll become difficult for him handle day to day tasks; will feel the heat of pressure. Heart ailment, high BP etc. will also trouble more.

Conclusion drawn from above:

  1. Break in pattern means, portfolio change, will not able to complete his tenure as CM.
  2. Pressures from opponents (inside as well as from outside) will create difficulties for him. Controversies will surround him, health issues may also disturb.
  3. Will feel the heat wave in coming weeks and forthcoming months, uncertainty in political career will mount.
  4. Party high command and any judicial verdict may go against him.


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