fate of Smt. Vasundhara Raje

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In the horoscope of Smt.Vasundhara Raje, there’s beautiful rajyoga  formed by exhalted Saturn placed in 4th house of simhaasan aspecting 4th lord Venus and 9th lord Jupiter, both placed in 10th house. There is also exchange of 9th and 10th lords, which makes it a powerful horoscope, promising  high position of power and dignity.

Now prevailing ongoing dasha period, at the time of contesting election is of Rahu/Jup/Ven. Major period Rahu is in 7th house unaspected by any but it’s depositor is Saturn, which is in good position, as already discussed. Sub period is of 9th lord Jupiter, which is also involved in Rajyoga, as discussed. Sub sub period is of 4th lord Venus, which is bound to deliver good results, as well.

In the yogini dasha system it’s Jupiter/ rahu/ sun, all are favourable.

From jaimini point of view it’s Libra/Gemini/Scorpio. Libra sign falls in 4th House which  has DK Shani, DKN, 4th pad, aspected by Amk Sun and 10th house is also aspected by Sun. From Gemini rashi, Mk Moon is in 6th house, showing fighting election for seat, 11th house has both benefics Venus and Jupiter, 10th house has Ak+Pk, both are aspecting quadrant rashi’s from there. Scorpio sign has Mk Moon, which is debilitated, therefore will give stress initially, but it’s depositior Mars is in exchange with Jupiter.


However varshkundli has exhalted Venus conjoined with friend Mercury, in Ascendant,but aspected by Mars. But lagna lord Jupiter is in 8th house and is in rashi exchange with Venus, which confirms that present pattern will break and there’s going to be change in position. Jupiter also aspects royal planet Sun, placed in 12th house. 12th lord Saturn aspects Sun. It’s not going to be an easy.

Though transit of majority of planets is on her 5th house, where her lagna lord Moon  is placed, showing her active involvement in all election activities.

Taking into account of all above, the conclusion drawn is:-

This time she’ll not become Chief Minister of Rajasthan.

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