What do stars foretell for Ashok Gehlot

Now first let us discuss about the rajyogas present in the natal charts of Shri Ashok Gehlot.



  1. Lagna( Self) lord , 4th( Simhaasan) lord Mercury conjuncted with royal planet Sun, who is exhalted and placed in 11th house of gains, achievements, alongwith 11th lord Mars itself, in own rashi.
  2. 9th (lord of luck) placed in 4th House, aspects 7th (public image), 10th (profession) lord Jupiter, in its own sign with 2nd lord of (Speech) Moon, forming excellent Rajyoga. Connection of Trikona lord with Kendra lord.
  3. With retrograde position 9th lord Saturn aspects 5th (dignity) lord Venus. Hence connection of both Trikona lords. Here connection of 5th with 9th confirms his mass followings. People in general public, party workers, colleagues will like him. His popularity in masses will never diminish.

Now what do stars foretell about him in this 2108 elections in Rajasthan.

The conclusion drawn from prevailing dasha he’s going through  is as follows:

  1. Mahadasha lord Mars, which is posited in a very comfortable position along with exhalted Anterdasha lord Sun. Promises gain in position. From the moon sign both are placed in 2nd house conjucted with 4th lord Mercury.
  2. In Yogini dasha it’s Mercury which is 4th and 7th lord, placed in 11th
  3. In jaimini dasha system it”s Libra rashi dasha from where MK Moon in 6th house with PK Jupiter aspected by DK Saturn shows fighting election for seat. Sub period rashi Gemini from where 4th and 10th houses are strong enough and AMK Mars in 11th house of achievement confirms, VICTORY.

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