Verdict of Madhya Pradesh elections for Shivraj Singh Chouhan

For better understanding of astrology lovers, let me explain combination present in the horoscope of Shivraj Singh Chouhan are as follows:



Mahadasha lord shani which is 9th house of luck and 10th lord of profession is in 8th house of obstacles, hindrances, however it aspects 4th lord of simhassan sun posited in 10th house. So this aspect clarifies that in retaining his seat of power he has to face stiff competition, problems.

Shani’s aspect on 5th house of dignity and planning, where malefic rahu is placed, plays a spoil sport. He may on advice of astrologers, perform proper propitiation pooja”s to counter balance ill effects of dasha effects. Might also go in for some tantric puja’s because depositor of rahu is mercury, which is debilitated. So will encourage him to do such activites. However Mercury is in neech bhang rajyoga.

In  Varshkundli charts there’s an excellent exchange of 4th venus with 9th Jupiter. Which confers a rajyoga promises important position in politics. But 10th lord in 5th house suggests that some change may happen and there’s some break in present activity, which means portfolio will change, even if could not become chief minister but will able to remain in power circle and maintain a good position in party.

Hence conclusion drawn from above analysis suggests:-

Will not be able to secure enough seats for his party, reason being this time Congress will give tough competition.

Initially will face loosing position, which looks like has lost in election but suddenly, surprisingly, will manage to save the face in the last.

Will form alliances 

His own position will not be out shown in these elections, but in general elections of 2019 he shall loose his grip

Will face stiff competition from Jyotiraditya, whose stars are more favorable than him, at this point of time.

Shall remain in power circle but portfolio will change, means may not become Chief Minister of state this time, but will hold an important position as leader of opposition.

BJP shall lead and CONGRESS will be runner up this time.

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