What do stars foretell for Imran Khan



What do stars foretell for Imran khan

Stars suggest that planetary position which has changed from November 2018 has brought major changes in mood and plans of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan. Major period lord Jupiter which is Ascendant lord, is in exchange with 5th and 12th  lord Mars. Both are in fiery signs. 5th house is of planning strategies, whereas 12th house is of foreign land, foreigner, secret planning, despised by public, mental anguish,

Sub period lord Mercury is 10th lord of ambition, command, capacity and capability to execute decisions. Whereas also is 7th lord of foreign, business, trade and commerce, signing treaties. All these are also significations of planet Mercury as well.

Now if we analyze carefully major period lord Jupiter and sub period lord Mecury both are placed in 6/8 axis with each other, means in position of disharmony creating troubles and altercation.

From Jupiter, 3rd lord of neighboring country Mercury is in 6th house of enmity, loans, benefits or gains of opponents/enemies. Here Mercury is conjuncted two more planets who’s lordship is 5th i.e Sun and 10th and 11th lord Saturn.  Which means  Enmity with neighboring country  India will increase, whereas he’ll  form strategic alliances with neighboring country China in exchange of monetary benefits and financial aid.

Now the question arises is what is going to happen in future in Pakistan:

As the prevalent dasha pattern which is running and with onset of April 2019, aggressiveness of Imran Khan will only increase. He’s not going to keep calm or  look forward for peaceful solution to the problem. On the other hand he’ll retaliate. So this time India or our leaders should not trust his any move.  With passage of time intensity of retaliation will only increase and situation by the time once reaches 2020 we might look ahead for a war like situation. I shall explain this more  elaborately by applying different Dasha pattern used astrologically to confirm future events.

From the yogini dasha point of view:

Major period lord Jupiter alongwith 8th lord Moon, is aspecting 6th lord  Venus , which indicates struggles, fights from June 2019 onwards. Same situation will continue in Jupiter/Rahu period in 2020 as well. Infact position will worsen.

From Jaimini point of view:

Rashi dasha of Pisces/ Aries, Amatyakark Jupiter is conjuncted with Gyantikarak Moon in Aries fiery sign. Aries also has darakarak Navamsha. From here all the major planets and karkas falls in 6th house of fight, enmity. So the picture is clear in present prevailing time and in the following months, we can see a war like situation or more of such terror strikes, attacks

fate of Imran Khan

Mars which is posited in his Ascendant is in its Mritybhag degrees which is fatal point and once transit ketu ingress on it from April 2019 onwards and by time mid of 2020 reaches on the exact degrees of his Ascendant and Mars, situation will worsen for himself.

Social Economic scenario of Pakistan in 2019-2020

It’ll be alarming time for Pakistan’s Prime minister Imran Khan as well as for his country.

Country will face dire consequences of  economic sanctions imposed on it. Trade and Commerce will be deeply hit

Any Unfateful event shall happen, perhaps war or any such cruel activity or attacks which may harm Imran Khan himself and Pakistan beyond repair.

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