What do stars foretell for Shatrughan Sinha

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Features in Horoscope of Shatrughan Sinha

Cine star Shatrughan sinha is going through Mercury major period with Mars sub period. With the onset of this Mars sub period, who’s lord of 12th house, associated with 10th lord Saturn in 3rd house of change, has brought change in his career, as he’s changed his party.

Enmity with his colleagues and old time friends, happen due to this Mars, which is is debilitated, conjuncted with malefic Saturn and aspecting his  3rd lord Moon.   As both Saturn and Mars are retrograde in 3rd house. So it also gives it’s impact from 2nd house of speech. As Rahu is already posited in 2nd house and due to impact of all these malefics in 2nd house he has dynamic heavy voice, which is why he’s known for his speech. This gives him recognition in his dialogue delivery in films.

He entered politics by contesting in a by-election opposite superstar Rajesh Khanna. Shatrughan quoted in an interview that his biggest regret in his life was contesting election against his friend Rajesh.  Though Rajesh Khanna won the elections by defeating Sinha by 25,000 votes,  but however, he was hurt and never spoke to Shatrughan thereafter. Shatrughan did try to rebuild his friendship with Rajesh Khanna, but that never happened till Khanna’s death in 2012.

 Saturn is in rashi parivartan yoga with Moon.

What mood swings makes Shatrughan a  Shotgun

Aspect of malefic Saturn and Mars on his natal Moon gives him aggression sometimes and also hyper sensitive nature.  however due to  aspect of Jupiter on Moon, maintains a balancing act in his life and mood swings. It cools down or sometimes controls the outrageous anger which crops up.

Malefic in 3rd house gave him valor and will to fight, which is very necessary to achieve something in life, on your own. As he is an example of self made man, who started his journey as a struggler and made his mark in Indian cinema and thereafter also achieved higher authority in Indian politics. As yogkarka Saturn aspects 11th lord Jupiter of awards, honors.

However now with this change of dasha sequence during this time of general Lok Sabha elections, what do stars foretell about his future.  Let’s examine this through Vimshottri dasha:

 Ascendant of Shatrughan Sinha

Mercury which is lord of 2nd and 5th house in in 7th house of public image, with lagna lord and 6th lord venus and 5th lord seat of power Sun. Here Mercury is in rashi of Mars, which is it’s enemy sign. Besides Mercury is also retrograde. In Navamsha kundli again Mercury is placed in 6th house of controversy and fight conjuncted with Rahu and aspected by Mars. Hence it’s in a  weak position.

Powerful yogas in horoscope of Shatrughan Sinha

Mars which is debilitated 12th house is conjuncted with yogkarka Saturn. For all activities which require action, force, will to fight, malefic in 3rd house gives valour and courage, so here to contest elections debilitated Mars is fine. It is also aspecting 10th house of position.  In this case debilitation of Mars is cancelled.

In Navamsha kundli its 10th lord aspecting 3rd and 12th lord mercury, showing break in present pattern, which confirms that changing of party from BJP to Congress.

Political Career of Shatrughan Sinha in BJP:

With BJP he was associated for such a long term, where he  became a cabinet minister in the Atal Bihari Vajpayee ministry from the 13th Lok Sabha, holding two portfolios, the Department of Health and Family Welfare (January 2003-May 2004), and theDepartment of Shipping (August 2004)  As of May 2006, he was appointed as the head of the BJP Culture and Arts Department.He won the Patna Sahib Lok Sabha constituency in Bihar during the General elections in 2009.  Then again he won the seat in the subsequent General Elections held in 2014.

Even in Dashamsha kundli Mars 10th lord placed in 12th house aspecting 12th lord Mercury. Confirms this change which was bound to happen.

Now the deciding factor is what Sub Sub period has to say. Till 24/04/2019 Pratyantar dasha is of 8th and 11th lord Jupiter which suddenly benefitted him that by being denied ticket from BJP, he got offered one from Congress.

That after 24/04/2019 the pratyantra dasha will start of yogkarak Saturn which is 9th and 10th lord. But retrograde. However vargottam.shatru d9

In Navamsha, Saturn is lord of 7th and 8th lord, placed in lagna aspecting 10th house and 10th lord Mars.

In Dashmansha, it’s 7th and 8th lord placed in 9th house.

Between 11 April – 19 May 2019, polling will be held in Patna sahib constituency

So Saturn sub-sub period perhaps may not promise desired results for a time being, initially, in spite of putting in his best efforts.

 Moon sign rashi of Shatrughan Sinha

Mercury is 6th and 9th lord placed in 11th house of achievements and gains with 8th lord sun and 5th and 10th lord yogkarka Venus.

Whereas Mars is 11th lord of gains conjuncted with Moon sign lord and 2nd lord Saturn, in 7th house

Yogini dasha

It’s Sun/Saturn/Rahu dasha. Sun is 4th lord; Saturn is 9th and 10th lord. In Navamsha Sun is 2th lord placed in 8th house in Saturn’s sign. Both are mutually placed in 6/8 axis means struggle.

Transit of shadowy planets Rahu/ketu on his natal Rahu/ketu, will be painful, difficult period for him. Moreover transit of Saturn, Jupiter, ketu on his 8th house, where ashtakvarga number is only 18, won’t able to deliver him the success.

Char dasha sequence:

Gemini/Sagittarius. From Gemini, Amatyakarak Sun Putrakarak Venus , Bhratikarak Mercury placed in 6th house of fight is aspecting 11th house of gains. Gemini is also 10th house from Karkamsha Lagna.

Sagittarius which is rashi of steep rise and fall, all major karaka Amatyakarak (Sun) Bhartikarak(Mercury) Putrakarak(Venus) are in 12th, whereas Darakarak(Saturn) Gyantikarak(Mars) Darakarak navamsha are falling in 8th house, which reflects difficult period. So no gain of position is foreseen,initially.shatru VS

What do stars foretell for Shatrughan Sinha in 2019:


  1. Will lose, but not with huge margin. Margin will be thin. It will be a close fight
  2. However continuity in career won’t finish. In fact after election results will be strong leader sitting in opposition.

  3. Perhaps may form more alliances to bring his party in majority position.
  4. Surprisingly and suddenly after getting the initial jolt of polling results, will bounce back once again and capture his seat of power.

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