What do stars foretell for Ravishankar Prasad


ravi shankar D1

Important features of Horoscope of Ravi Shankar Prasad

Lagna lord Sun conjucted with 2nd and 11th lord Mercury posited in Ascendant.

6th and 7th lord exhalted Saturn aspecting yogkarka Mars and 10th lord Venus in 12th house.  Here Saturn is vargottam. Saturn is a planet of democracy.

Jamini rajyoga

Atmakarak (Jupiter) also 5th lord, aspecting Amatyakarak(Mars) Putrakarak(Venus) Darakarak(Saturn). Same pattern is repeating in Navamsha chart Putrakarak, Atmakarak, Amatyakarak aspects each other.

ravishankar d9

Here aspect of 5th lord Juipter on Putrakarak(Venus) along with ketu, give him high moral and code of conduct and strong will to fight against injustice and wrongful act. Such persons doesn’t care when they have to decide between right and wrong. Like in the fodder scam he fought court case against lalu Prasad Yadav and brought him to justice and put him behind bars. Prasad was the main lawyer arguing the PIL against former Bihar chief minister LALU PRASAD YADAV in the fodder scam that led to the jailing of several politicians and officials.

What changes lies ahead in life of Ravishankar Prasad

lets examine it through Vimshottri dasha scheme:

Saturn/Mercury/Rahu- as explained earlier exhalted Saturn aspecting yogkarka Mars and 10th lord Venus in 12th house.  Here Saturn is vargottam. In Navamsha 10th Saturn is aspected by 8th lord mars from 12th house, means change in career, which is about to come in following months.

Sub lord Mecury- is 2nd and 11th lord Mercury posited in Lagna lord Sun conjucted . This promises gain in every aspect. In Navamsha kundli Mercury is aspecting 4th lord Moon, which is debilited and it’s depositor Mars is in 12th house, with PD Rahu. Means change of seat i.e. portfolio

Sub sub lord Rahu- is placed in 6th house of fight, which is good for fighting elections. Rahu’s depositor Saturn is exhalted in 3rd house of valor and is capable to deliver desirable results.

Mindset of Ravishankar Prasad

lets exmine it from Moon sign:

Moon in firey Aries sign aspected by exhalted saturn, give him Will, courage and determination.

MD Mercury is 4th and 7th lord placed in 6th house with 5th lord Sun. this shows fight/struggle for seat of power.

AD Saturn 11th and 12th lord poisted in 8th house of suddenness and change in present pattern, means portfolio will change.

PD Rahu is in 11th house of gains.

Yogini dasha:

Mars/Saturn/Mercury till 17/04/2019 thereafter Mars/Venus during election polling. Here 4th, 9th lord Mars conjuncted with 3rd ,10th lord Venus in 12th house aspected by 6th lord Saturn confirms change in portfolio.

Jaimini dasha

Leo/Pisces/Scorpio  Mahadasha rashi Leo has Matrikarak Sun with Gyantikarak Mercury means struggle to get position of power, in government. Even Anterdasha rashi Pisces also confirms the same as Gyantikarak, Matrikarak falls in 6th house. Amatyakarak, Putrakarak in 5th house of change indicates changes in present professional activities. From Pratyantar dasha rashi Scorpio, Matrikarak,  Gyantikarak in 10th house strong prospects in government. But in coming Pratyantar dasha rashi  Sagittarius  Amatyakarak,  Putrakarak with ketu in 8th house aspecting 12th house confirms change in portfolio, he might shift to some place at distance.

ravishankar VS


Aries ascendant lagna lord Mars in 10th house exhalted aspecting 4th lord Moon in Lagna, also aspecting 3th lord Mercury placed in 4th house. Here Mars is also 8th lord aspecting 6th lord Mercury, confirms change in present portfolio.

Muntha is in 10th house. Munthesh Saturn, which is also 11th lord, is in 9th house aspecting  2nd and 7th lord Venus in 6th house of controversy, disease or litigation related to female or spouse, perhaps.

12th lord Jupiter in 7th house aspecting 4th lord Moon, means change of residence.


What do stars foretells for Ravi Shankar Prasad in 2019:

  1. Present portfolio will change
  2. Residence may also change
  3. Bright prospects in Lok sabha elections 2019. Victory is promised
  4. Will perform well gaining position for his party.
  5. Will give close fight to his opponent in forthcoming Lok sabha elections 

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