No one should fear talking about mental health issues

It’s sad because there still exists a culture of silence surrounding mental health- in people’s everyday lives, in communities and in the workplace. Both major and minor people suffer from mental health challenges.  Mental disorders continue to be driven into the shadows by stigma, prejudice and fear.  Mental illness comes with a package of Shame. Even though they can be cured or controlled, but most people tend to sweep their mental issues under the carpet and suffer in silence because of stigma attached to it.

The biggest reason attached with such kinds of stigmas is:

 Social stigma, where those suffering from mental health issues are shunned by family, society, employers, discriminated against and irrationally called MAD

School and college going kids everywhere face a spectrum of issues: bullying, low self esteem, body-shaming, sexual challenges, emotional and family issues or exam related pressures….Shockingly, in every one hour a student commits suicide.


For people who are facing such challenges, we provide well equipped support structure, through network of helplines, tele counseling, counseling through video calls, if the matter is critical.  The healing power which we provide through combined system of thorough analysis of one’s horoscope,  taking into consideration the root cause of the disease,  how to overcome it and create an environment for individual which is in complete harmony with oneself. This has to done in a specific tailor made way for every individual. No one line of treatment is applicable to all, as each has different needs, which creates pressure in their hormonal system.  Because of this malfunctioning, the function of mind and body gets corrupted.

We must never forget that anyone of us can have a neuro chemical imbalance at any point of time and it can lead to mental illness. In such a scenario, talk about it with your Relationship Counselor Astrologer Siddhartha Goell.

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