Multiple Relationships

multiple marriage Combinations for Multiple Relations

Venus plays a very important role in respect to Marriage or mainly in relationships,  particularly when we talk about multiple relationships. Here with the help of few female horoscope charts. I’ll explain that when and how,  due to which combinations. Which were present in their respective charts,  these girls developed multiple relationships.


In this 1st chart of a young woman who got married in major period of Saturn and sub period was of Marriage giver Jupiter.  Here due to its retrograde aspect, besides being debilitated,  aspecting 7th house of marriage and also 8th house and 8th lord Sun. It  spoiled the marriage and after within few months, girl came back to her maternal place and took divorce.  Thereafter from the onset of Mercury major period from 2012 onwards, she got into a live-in relationship with a already married man.  This happened due to conjunction of Venus with Mercury. Venus is a planet of love,  sex and romance. In D-1 chart it’s aspected by Malefic Saturn and in Navamsha chart it’s in mutual aspect with Mars.

Point to be noted here is Venus, if by any way in PAC connection ie. Position,  Aspect or Conjunction,  comes in contact with Mars,  Saturn or Rahu. Will get one into multiple relationships

In the second case this girl has Venus placed in 12th house of bedroom.


In sign of Mars, conjuncted with debilitated Moon. Which is karka of Mind.  Aspected by malefic Saturn. In  navamsha chart same pattern repeats, here Venus is exhalted, conjuncted with Mars.


So her marriage broke. But after that developed multiple relationships with many men. The fact remains that even before her marriage , was she having sexual relations ??

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