Live-in with one, Marriage with another

Combinations of dissatisfaction and disharmony in Relationship

Moon-Mars conjunction and mutual aspect indicates dissatisfaction and disharmony in relationship.

Which combination gives breakup in a relationship?

In the same way another combination is of Jupiter-Mars mutual aspect upon each other, gives breakup in a relationship

It was in fag end of 2018, winter evening a received a call from a girl who was seeking an urgent appointment for consultations. She sound very worried so I asked her to come right away. When she came I found a very beautiful young girl, nicely dressed but was stressed too much due to the tensions, which brought her to me. I asked her birth details but she was confused about the date, either it was a day before or after, she wasn’t sure. But with the given details, I casted her horoscope. As usual to confirm her charts I asked her few questions. Once completed with BTR birth time rectification, now was the time for readings, which I started. this is a very interesting real life story.

Rashi Chart:-


In this horoscope a young girl comes in contact with an already married man and gets into a live-in relationship. This started in the major period of Jupiter, placed in 8th house of hidden affair and is in exchange with 8th lord Venus.  Here Venus is in 3rd house of creative interests hence as a creative planet made her beautician. Though Venus is conjucted with Saturn, who is aspecting 12th house of bedroom. This episode which started from 2013 lasted till end of 2018. It happened in same major period of Jupiter because in Navamsha chart. Debilitated Jupiter is in mutual aspect with debilitated Mars, both are placed in1/7 axis in  navamsha ascendant.

Navamsha Chart:-


Above this both planets are in Rahu/ketu axis which added fuel to fire and 6 years long relationship got break all of a sudden.  As a Astrologer I could see that.  When she approached me and asked my help  to mend up this relation, after scrutinizing all the facts I predicted that no one can stop this from breaking up. However, I counseled her and assured that within a month she’ll get married to another man.  To which she didn’t believe as there was no one around. But due to the Venus, whose sub period was running, I assured that is going to happen because in both Rashi and Navamsha charts…..

Role of Venus in Dual sign

Venus is in dual sign, above all its vargottam.  So it has to give her marital bliss. Such are the role of planets that sanctity of institution of marriage was maintained with such a decorum that all what happened in girl’s life remained hidden and is now enjoying her married life

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