Why do Married Women falls in love with other Men ?

Conjunction of Mars with Venus ignites sexual compassion.

Especially when it’s forming in 7th house of relationships. In this particular case of woman, who’s married and also has a progeny, got involved in an intimate relationship with an already married man.  Astrologicaly I will explain this discussing her horoscope charts. 



In Rashi chart Mars is conjuncted with Venus, on very close degrees. This is adding fuel to the fire. Moon is also there.  So combination of all these three planets, gave, dissatisfaction, disharmony in marriage, also break up or separation in marriage. 

What happens if 7th lord is debilitated?

Above that 7th lord Sun is debilitated in 9th house with 12th lord Shani.  This made her get involved with a man far distant from her place.  9th lord of remarriage or 2nd relationship is Venus, which is in exchange with 7th lord Sun.  So in prevailing dasha period of Moon/Sun, all this happened. All what is promised in horoscope, fructifies in it’s respective dasha periods.


In Navamsha chart Moon is in own sign but in Rahu/ketu axis.  Sun is in 4th house of family but is aspected by 6th lord Mars, which is going to give more conflict in household and probably legal divorce or probably separation from her current husband

Exchange of lords of 7th and 9th houses indicate 2nd marriage or relationship

Mercury which is 5th lord of emotions, thoughts, feelings and mental inclination is with 7th lord Sun in 9th house, confirms that both times, she fell in love and developed relations.  Close scrutiny of Degrees of Sun, Mercury with Saturn, reveals that 7th lord has combusted her Ascendant lord Shani and 5th lord Mercury, so dissatisfaction with in life, is what she’s experiencing

Role of Sun in Marital life

The fact is if Sun is afflicted with Saturn in close degrees, either one may not get married or if marriage happens, it’ll not give marital happiness. I’m navamsha chart again Sun is in sign of Saturn and aspected by Mars. Sun is among one of the separative planets like Mars, Saturn, rahu/ketu.  Because of it”s fiery nature and tendency it gives disharmony between couple. So affliction is more.  In such cases, one should prior get horoscopes matched of prospective bride/groom before typing up knot. Match of horoscopes should not be done on mere Nakshatra matching only, which is a general practice. Because it is erroneous explains Relationship Counselor Astrologer Siddhartha goell