Married twice but couldn’t get Marital bliss

This girl got married for 1st time in 1997

In Venus major and sub period. Which is 7th lord of marriage and also karka of marriage
Venus Also aspected ascendant lord Mars
But only a few months after her marriage, she started experiencing troubles in her marital life because of malefic placement of planets in her horoscope.


Let’s examine this. Here karka for Marriage ie. Venus is heavily afflicted.
1. Venus is in sign of Mars, who’s 6th lord of litigation. Also aspected by Mars
2. Venus is paap kartri yog ie. Compressed between malefic planets from a house ahead and a house behind from it.
3. 6th, 8th, 12th houses from Venus has malefic PAC of Mars, Saturn, Rahu/ketu, Sun
From Mars sub period which is 6th lord of conflicts problems in marriage started mounting up beginning from 2001. In Rahu sub period between 2002-05 she decided to break up and walked away from her marriage.
Divorce was filed
In Saturn sub period between 2008-11 case was decided, she got divorced
Here 7th house is also compressed between malefic planets. So 7th house and 7th lord both has afflictions
Same is the situation from Moon sign, debilitated Sun in 4th house of family aspected by Mars. Debilitated Jupiter who is 6th lord, posited in 7th house of Marriage. 7th lord retrograde Saturn placed in 12th house from Moon but is in Rahu/ketu axis


Same pattern repeats in Navamsha chart
Venus is sign of Mars and also aspected by him. In navamsha Venus with Moon in dual sign aspected by Mars, Rahu, Mercury. So it’s a combination of multiple relationships
However in Sun major period which is in 12th house with 11th lord of Mercury, both aspected by Ascendant lord Mars. She again got married in mid of 2019
But malefic influence of planets has again started bothering her and after within few weeks of her 2nd marriage, this relation has started shattering.

However this could’ve avoided lest she had consulted some experienced Astrologer. Actually, horoscopes having such afflictions should be matched scientifically with another same similar afflictions, so that the ill effects can be balanced in such a way that couple may lead a happy, harmonious lives. 


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