Inter Religion Marriages

Love knows No boundaries

What are the combinations for Love Marriages

5th house in horoscope indicates planning, determination, desire, friendship, courage, feelings, execution and feasibility of planning…
7th house indicates marriage, marital bliss, companionship, compatibility etc…
Therefore 5th and 7th houses and their respective lords play important role in love marriage and also likewise relationships
Any PAC connection between them, position, aspect, conjunction or exchange manifests love marriage

Which are Key planets for Love & Romance

Key planets which plays main role are Venus for Men and Mars for Women. Moon is also another important planet, as it’s karka for Mind. So to club together all the houses, lords, conclusion drawn is if Mars, Venus, Moon and ascendant lord forms any connection with 5th, 7th, 9th and 1st houses, then probability of love marriage increases

Marriage in same Caste or not ?

Now the question raises whether the Marriage or Relationship will happen within the same caste, community or different caste or religion. So to solve this mystery, our sages had given enough clues in Astrology. Some of which i will share here.
1. Jupiter is karka of dharam ie. Religion. It signifies 9th house and all the activities, rituals related religious undertakings.
2. If in any way, Jupiter or 9th house gets afflicted especially by Saturn, Rahu/ketu or if malefic influence happens upon 9th lord, then There’s a strong probability of inter caste Marriage or Relationship.
3. Besides the above stated afflictions if planet Jupiter also gets afflicted by malefic influence, then it develops probabilities of inter religion Marriage or Relationship. Because Jupiter is karka of Religion


Now in this case of a young girl who belongs to a traditional Brahmin family eloped with a Muslim boy, who was also 5 years elder to her
Let’s examine her horoscope in detail and find out why it happened.
1. Karka of love, romance Venus is in 5th house of emotions is a aspected by Ascendant lord Saturn.
2. Ascendant lord Saturn also aspects Moon ie. 7th lord of Marriage.
3. Saturn is posited with Marriage karka Jupiter in 8th house of secret love affair, relations.
4. 9th house of Dharm, Religion is affiliated by positioning of Mars here, in enemy sign.
5. 9th lord Mercury is in 7th house of Marriage. Retrograde in enemy sign. Also in Rahu/ketu axis. Hence doubly afflicted.
That’s why this love story of a traditional Hindu family got successful with a inter- Religion Man

This can also be explained well through Moon sign and Navamsha charts

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  1. Juhi Malakar says:

    Name – juhi malakar
    Dob- 22-10-2001
    Pob- Barasat WB
    Tob- 11:30Am
    Plss check my horoscope & let me know that my spouse will be from which religion or caste

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