What is the force which brings a Man and Woman together? 


What are the Reasons behind this magnetic attraction?

Resulting in insatiable thirst for Sexual desires. Forming this strong pull between them.

Astrologically it can be explained very easily that why certain combinations found in particular horoscopes when match with their counterparts, gives   urge towards each other to get closer to them.

 In Men, planet Venus and in Women, Mars plays integral role.

In this Combinations of both through mutual aspect or conjunction ignites sexual passions among them.  Here I should mention that after close scrutiny I found that in female horoscope if Mars is placed in quadrant or in trine from the Venus placed in Male horoscope, both parties shall have attraction towards each other.

Whats are the reasons for repulsion between couples?

Likewise if these two planets are placed in 2/12 or 6/8 axis with each other, which is an undesirable position. In such cases There’s no or lack of attraction.  Many times Married couples, especially those had arranged Marriage, complain that their lack of interest between them, when it comes to bedroom romance.

So while matching horoscopes. Learned Astrologer should not overlook this vital point.  Because this may bring disharmony and dissatisfaction between couples, resulting into separation or extra marital relationships

What combination in Horoscope ignites Sexual compassion ?

In Male horoscope Saturn and Rahu, in Female horoscope Mars, if are placed in same sign or are aspecting each other then attraction Becomes infatuation to extreme extent. Such individuals gets suffers from humiliation due to this often brings disgrace to family

So this combination if found in lovers or couples who’ve decided to get into live-in relationships. Should take prior precautions with remedial measures, to avoid getting hurt at later stage

When one will experience Sexual activities ?

During my general observations I’ve noticed that in females, when natal Mars is ingress by transit Saturn or Rahu, it develops strong probability to have sexual intercourse with opposite sex.  However, transit Venus should also aspect or ingress, lord of 7th house.


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