Hope for Marriage develops, then vanishes away

Hope for Marriage develops, then vanishes away

What are the Astrological combinations present in one’s natal chart because of which Marriage seems difficult to happen, in spite of all efforts. This is explained well through this example by Relationship Counselor astrologer Siddhartha Goell.

This is the horoscope of a girl whose father is holding a very senior position in a nationalized bank in Delhi.


One can see in her birth chart, 9th house has Jupiter in Saturn sign that Aquarius. Jupiter means banking, sign of Saturn means, job.  Even 10th house from 9th ie. 6th house tells about profession of father.  Here Saturn is placed, karka of job. Its depositor is Mars, who is in sign of Jupiter (banking) aspected by Sun and Mercury. Sun means government, so he’s working for government bank.  Mercury means finance, so he’s qualified chartered accountant

She herself is a chartered accountant working with a leading private bank.  But in spite of being good looking, having good job, good family background, but couldn’t get marry. All efforts went in vain.

Here in Ascendant separative planet Sun is placed which is aspecting retrograde Mars, posited in 7th house of Marriage.  This combination in itself is sufficient to explain, why she’s unmarried.

Mars is in sign of Jupiter, aspected by 8th lord Saturn through its retrograde position. This aggravates this situation, making it worse


In Navamsha chart same pattern repeats. Ascendant is Gemini. Jupiter from 1st house is in mutual aspect with Mars, posited in 7th house of Marriage

In Rashi chart Venus planet of love and romance, also 5th lord of emotions is aspected by Mars. This combination develops desire of love, passion and intimacy with opposite sex. Which infact happened, as she was in relationship with a boy, younger to her. But this relationship could not get matured into Marriage, as boy declined to marry her.

Venus is in its enemy sign cancer. But is in exchange with 2nd lord Moon.  Making it a good combination Name, fame, Money earning. Upliftment in profession

But as 2nd lord of family and also karka of mind Moon, is in enemy sign besides being in Rahu/ketu axis.  So couldn’t form a family. Same pattern repeats itself in Navamsha chart. Here malefic Saturn and Sun are posited in 5th house and 5th lord Venus is debilitated

Girls having such malefic combinations present in their horoscopes, generally remain unmarried. In either case if in a steady relationship or supposedly manages to get married, will be divorced. Mars here is 6th lord of litigation and conflicts. Hence Married life will not be harmonious unless their charts are matched with prospective boy, having similar afflictions in his horoscope.  Only this way negative impact can be balanced and negated.



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