Marriage and Child couldn’t give her happiness

Why Marriage and Child couldn’t give her Happiness ?

What are the Astrological Reasons behind it ? Will be discussed here by Relationship Counselor astrologer Siddhartha Goell through horoscope analysis of this  very beautiful girl who belongs to a very reputed family. Her both parents and sibling are doctors and running their own clinic and medical diagnostic centers.
So let’s discuss her charts.  In Venus major period she got married to boy whose family was equally reputed as of hers.  Boy himself is doing very well in life.  Professional achievement and several built up properties in posh locations in India. Even handsome looking.  But the malefic influence of planets placed in girls horoscope played it’s ugly role.

Reasons for break up of Marriage

1. Here 12th lord Mercury is placed in Ascendant in an enemy sign within Rahu/ketu axis.
2. Malefic Mars is aspecting 7th house of Marriage,  where Ketu is already posited.  Adding fuel to the fire.
3. Planet of love and romance,  Venus is aspected by malefic Saturn.
4. 5th house of progeny is also affiliated. Debilitated Moon placed here is aspected by Saturn gave her an autistic  child.  So There’s no respite here.  Neither got marital life bliss nor happiness from child.

 Same pattern repeats in Navamsha chart.

 Jupiter,  Mars conjunction in Ascendant is undesirable for Marriage, especially in 1/7 houses.
Mars is 7th lord here and Jupiter is 6th lord of conflicts.
Jupiter is in exchange with Ascendant lord Venus.
Moreover Venus is aspected by malefic Saturn.
Again Saturn posited 4th house of family and property is aspected by malefic Mars. Leading to loss of family and property.
In fact Saturn sub period their house was ransacked by burglars and loss of valuables and cash, was reported.
Many times during dasha of malefic planets period, she came back to her parents house for sometime  but later went back to her husband only to give it a try to workout this relationship.  This is due to beneficial  influence Jupiter and Sun in 2nd house of family.

Period of Separation

But role of negative planets outweighs. So in 2015 in Sun major period and Mercury sub period she finally walked out of her Marriage.  In Rashi chart Mercury is 12th lord. From Moon sign it’s 8th lord. Potent enough to break this Relationship.  Moreover in Navamsha chart it’s debilitated and aspected by Malefic Saturn.

Remedial Measures

like, i always advise to all, prior to tie up a knot for Marriage, matching of Horoscopes of couple is highly recommended to avoid future complications, which may arise due to malefic combinations present in birth charts.

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