Salman khan no Marriage yogas in horoscope – सलमान खान की शादी क्यूं नहीं होती ?

Horoscope of famous actor Salman Khan

Salient features in horoscope:- Yogas for No Marriage are as follows:-

1. Malefic aspect of Saturn and Mars on 7th house of Marriage and Relationships plays a spoil sport.

2. Ascendant, 12th Lord Saturn and 7th Lord of Marriage Sun, all are aspected by Retrograde Jupiter. Aspect of Vivah karka planet Jupiter is good for Marriage, whereas it’s retrograde aspect, gives entirely opposite results.

3. From it’s retrograde motion Jupiter is also aspecting Mercury, ketu, Mars, Venus and Moon. Which means that all the planets in horoscope are influenced by Retrograde Jupiter.

4. Moon-Venus conjunction or mutual aspect in any horoscope, forms a yoga for No Marriage.

Multiple Relationships of Salman Khan

Factors are as follows:-

1. Lords and Houses involved are 2nd, 7th and 11th. Whenever any connection forms between them, it creates yoga for Multiple Relationships.

2. Moon, Venus and Mars, all are conjuncted in 12th house of bedroom. Moon is passionate, Venus is karka of love, sex, Romance and Mars ignites it. Moreover the sign in Capricorn, who’s lord is Saturn. Therefore, a person having such yoga in horoscope is sure to have pleasure from opposite Sex in abundance.

Navamsha Chart of Salman Khan

Navamsha Chart of Salman Khan

Whatever is analysed in Rashi chart should also be confirmed by Navamsha Chart too, failure in such analysis will be outcome of wrong predictions

1. 6th lord of controversy, conflicts and difference of opinion Mercury is posited in Lagna.

2. 8th lord of hindrance, obstacles, break up Sun is placed in 7th house of Relationship. As Sun is a separative planet. From 7th house it is aspecting Mercury in Lagna. Therefore it confirms that Relationships will get sour and eventually will end in break up.

3. Moon is aspected by both cruel planets Mars and Saturn. Such affliction on luminary, develops a mind-set in which person looses his interest in Marriage.

4. Again the karka Venus is affiliated, firstly by it’s placement in 6th house of controversy, secondly being aspected by malefic Mars. Therefore, will have bitter experiences in Relationships

Why hurdles, controversies in career of Salman Khan ?

1.Reason being the connection of 8th Lord of hurdles with 10th house of Profession. Moreover in enemy sign and Mercury is affiliated more due in Rahu/Ketu Axis.

2. 10th Lord of profession Mars is exalted but in 12th house of Jail.

3. Karka of Mind Moon in Last degrees ie. in gandaant. Which means instability of emotions causing disturbance and unpredictable mood swings.

Rising career Graph of Actor Salman Khan

Amid being always caught in between controversies, he manages to Rise in Life in tough situations. Factors are as follows:-

1. Since 1987 Jupiter major period, which is 11th lord of name, fame and gain, was capable of delivering all good results.

2. Now in Saturn major period which is Lagna Lord and 12th lord, with some changes in career pattern and shift of focus, it is also giving tremendously good results, all because with the help of aspect of 11th and 2nd lord, Jupiter.

All the above Astrological parameters as briefed by Relationship Counselor Astrologer Siddhartha Goell tested on horoscope of Salman Khan, confirms No Marriage

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