Unmarried Girl enjoying sexual intimacies

 Verification of horoscope of an unmarried Girl 

How is possible to check background verification of your partner ? It is possible only through thorough Horoscope analysis , explains Relationship Counselor astrologer Siddhartha Goell. What are the Astrological combinations which drives one to form such intimate Relationship with opposite sex

Marriage couldn’t get fixed but this unmarried girl is enjoying and experiencing sexual intercourse with her companion for a long time


Here 7th lord Venus is retrograde in 8th house with 8th lord Mercury. Both are aspected by Retrograde Saturn from 2nd house. 8th house shows hidden desires and  relationships.  From moon sign 8th lord Jupiter is aspecting 7th lord Saturn, this again confirms this hidden relations.


When Venus is aspected by Saturn, it arouses sexual urges. Here both in Rashi chart and Navamsha chart Venus is aspected by Saturn. Besides Venus being in Nakshatra of Rahu and its conjunction with Mars in navamsha, compels her for sexual urges

But why she couldn’t get married?

It remains the biggest question, even though she’s enjoying intimacy with her lover and both wants to get married.  Astrologicaly it can be explained very easily.  Here separative planet Sun is posited in 7th house of marriage and it’s aspected by fiery Mars. Secondly, 7th lord Venus is retrograde and aspected by retrograde Saturn. Thirdly from Moon sign, malefic Mars, which already is in  Rahu/ketu axis  placed in 7th house. Both are aspected by Malefic retrograde Saturn


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