Lack of Sleep ? disturbance in sleeping pattern ? Bad dreams ? Anxiety phobia depression etc… ???

Sleep Heals Body

Sleep is an unconscious state where Body and Mind gets relaxed. However subconscious mind is very much active. It receive signals.

Sleeping Disorder

Twelfth house of Horoscope denote one’s bedroom life. In affliction of planets or influence of malefic planets, creates disharmony in life. One may get visions that are on negative side of life, creating fear, phobia or anxiety. Together all this results in depression and mood swings.

Horoscope explaining Depression

In this specific birth chart, twelfth house is affliction due to concentration of malefic planets like Saturn and Rahu. Both are very close in degrees. Moreover, Mars another malefic planet is aspecting both of them. Aggravating more negativity on twelfth house. In the absence of no benefic planet’s influence, the twelfth house is severely damaged. Due to which an individual fails to get proper sleep. Hence, she’s on sedative pills for last many months. All this is happening in sixth house from Natal Moon. Thereafter, together with mood swings, she’s also in grip of lots of diseases mental, physical etc… Solution to such problems lies in one’s horoscope explains Astrologer Siddhartha Goell

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