Ancestral Property dispute & outcome of litigation can be known by one’s horoscope

Ancestral Property

Matters related to Ancestral property dispute are pending before Court of law for several years. During all this time uncertainty hovers that what might be outcome of one’s claim. As during the course of time one spends money and precious time of one’s Life in contesting, Court cases. So it becomes important to understand what may be possibilities of winning or losing. This can be understood well with the help of Astrology.

Horoscope of Beneficiary

First, let’s start with WHY in the very first place in happens. The reasons known to problem, helps in problem solving. In this particular case, eighth house and it’s lord Jupiter is afflicted. This helps in identify that this person will face dispute concerned with this claim in ancestral Property. As Guru Chandaal yoga is formed in house of ancestral wealth, hence litigation started in family.

Outcome of Litigation

Now, close monitoring of position of Jupiter is required to find out what will be the outcome of court cases. After scrutinizing in Navamsha chart Astrologer Siddhartha Goell explains that since the planet Jupiter is exalted, one will not loose his share in Ancestral property

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