Abandoned by husband, Wife searching for a new companion horoscope by @Astrologer Siddhartha Goell ​

Horoscope of Abandoned Wife


Deserted by Husband

Deserted by her husband within few days of her marriage, is a real life story of agony of a wife , who single handedly raised her daughter borne out this wedlock.

  1. Conjunction of firey planet Mars with Shadowy planet Rahu forms Angaar yoga, which destroys the significance of house where it is placed. Herein, this case, it is formed in fourth House of family, resulting in breakup of family ties.
  2. Mars is also seventh lord in horoscope, which is retrograde also, therefore spouse did this ruthless behavior of abandoning his newly wedded wife.
  3. Jupiter in Mars sign, also retrograde gave bad results with respect to Married life. 

Moon sign in Horoscope


From Moon Sign:

1.Mars Rahu conjunction is formed in seventh house of Relationship, henceforth it spoiled the relation with Life partner.

2. Saturn as a  seventh lord of spouse is placed in eleventh house of kaam, which means spouse shall enjoy ecstasies of more Woman in his life.

Navamsha Chart

  1. Mars is again seventh lord placed in twelfth house in dual sign, which means spouse will maintain physical relations with woman other than his wife.
  2. Conjunction of planets eunuch planets Saturn and Mercury in seventh house deprived wife of sexual intercourse.

Venus chart

From Venus, sixth house has retrograde Jupiter, eighth house has Mars Rahu conjunction and twelfth house Saturn in forming paap kartari yoga, therefore wife couldn’t get bliss of Married Life.Venus in Ninth house of remarriage, aspected by retrograde seventh lord Mars, made possibility for second Relationship. Her daughter tried for remarriage. She interacted with some men. Wife got hooked up with a man, with whom talks were almost finalize for Marriage, but it couldn’t happen because Mars retrograde again broke up this relationship explains Relationship Counselor Astrologer Siddhartha Goell

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