Torture by Wife through litigation for money extortion horoscope by  @Astrologer Siddhartha Goell 

Marital discord becomes ugly when the matter reach in the court of law, especially when one partner raise false allegations on other, just to extract money from her spouse.

Horoscope of Wife

Marital discord in horoscope

  1. Ascendant Lord Jupiter in very close association with Shadowy planet Rahu, degree wise. Thus, forming a bad yoga i.e. Guru Chandaal yoga. This creates one hypocrisy in oneself. Person tends to project oneself to be a noble person, and remain in good books but with changing times, he/she changes their color and show their true self.
  2. Jupiter is retrograde, therefore looses his sheen to deliver good results
  3. Conjunction of firey planet Mars with Rahu forms another bad yoga i.e. Angaar yoga. This yoga create tensions up to the limit which results in break up in Relationship.
  4. Above all mentioned planets are conjuncted with another separative and malefic planet Saturn.
  5. Seventh lord Mercury is positioned in Sign of Saturn i.e. Aquarius and conjuncted with enemy Ketu. Therefore, afflicted.
  6. Mercury is aspected by planets in seventh with whom it has enmity, henceforth Lord of spouse is badly afflicted.
  7. Debilitated Moon in twelfth house, aspected by Mars and Venus

Period of tension between couple

From the onset of Mercury sub period friction between husband and wife started, as Mercury lord of spouse is badly afflicted therefore it disrupted the smooth going life

Period of separation of wife

In ketu sub period wife walked away from her marriage and started living separately. As discussed Ketu, gave results of his depositor Saturn, so separation took place.

Period of Litigation

In ketu sub period, wife started filing court cases against her husband for maintenance and compensation of money. Knowing very well that this time her husband is all broke up, financially. But, depositor of Ketu i.e. Saturn played a spoil sport.

Navamsha chart of female
  1. Saturn is sixth lord of disagreement with spouse and also lord of litigation, is placed in fourth House of family, therefore it broke up the bond between couple and she started filing court cases against her husband
  2. Saturn is aspecting seventh lord of spouse i.e. Jupiter, so the bitterness between husband and wife turned hostile and wife became adamant to take this matter to court

Horoscope of Husband
  1. Exhalted Jupiter aspecting seventh house of Relationship makes one sympathetic, devoted towards one’s partner. Therefore husband tries his best to amicably sort out this matter peacefully with his wife.
  2. But all his efforts goes down the drain because the seventh lord of spouse i.e. Saturn is in enemy sign Leo and also conjuncted with malefic planet Rahu, which makes his wife ruthless. This planetary position makes behavior of his wife so harsh and aggressive that she’s not ready compromise on any condition.

The moral of the story is, things in life will go on smoothly until the period of malefic planets starts. Once this period starts it spreads negative influence henceforth due to it’s impact breakup in relationship happens and life gets entangled of court cases, which snatches away the precious time of one’s life. To know the outcome of such circumstances, one can seek professional guidance with relationship Counselor Astrologer Siddhartha Goell Whatsapp +91-7827020780

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