Rags to Riches story well explained by Horoscope  @Astrologer Siddhartha Goell ​

Stability in Profession

Stability in profession, monetary gains and accumulation of wealth is a subject matter of Astrology. This happens in the period of planets associated with houses and lords of second and eleventh house in one’s horoscope chart.

Role of Jupiter in Horoscope


Ladder of Success

Here in this case, this person started climbing ladder of success from the onset of Jupiter major period. Reason being:

  1. Jupiter has lordship of second house of money
  2. Jupiter’s placement in sixth house of struggles, made him strive to crave out his career
  3. Jupiter is aspecting tenth house of profession, where tenth lord sun is placed in it’s own house.

This trend continued throughout sixteen years till Jupiter major period

Role of Saturn


Thereafter in Saturn’s major period same trend of success continued till further nineteen years, reason being:

  1. Saturn is placed in eleventh house of financial gains, together with ninth lord of luck.
  2. Saturn being fourth lord of property, gave him abundant property during it’s major period. Besides financial gains, his wealth grew too.

All this happened because he was getting dasha of planets associated with second and eleventh house, therefore he was benefiting in every aspect

Chaturshitisama dasha


In this particular horoscope chart a conditional dasha applies, which is Chaturshitisama dasha. This dasha is applied only when tenth Lord is placed in tenth house in a horoscope. From 1981 onwards this person got major period of Sun, which is placed in tenth house of profession, aspected by second lord Jupiter, his incomes started increasing. As twelfth Venus is conjuncted with Sun in tenth house of profession, therefore changes in profession came, he started import business.

Thereafter in Moon, major period same trend of success continued, as Moon is placed in eleventh house financial gains

Mercury period


However, from the beginning of Mercury major period, things started changing because

  1. As lord of gains, it’s affliction due to it’s placement in enemy sign, big amount of Money got stuck up.
  2. Mercury is conjuncted with enemy ketu, which further adds weakness

Mercury in Navamsha


Mercury as lord of gains, it is afflicted due to being placed in sixth house, again as second and eleventh lord, resulting in money got stuck. Being in sixth house of Disease, it gave health issues.

Now it’s been five years and no respite of Money recovery is in sight. Such are the roles of planets, when evenly placed render good results and likewise, explains Astrologer Siddhartha Goell. WhatsApp +91-7827020780 for consultations

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