Prostitution profession chosen Call girl career by choice horoscope by  @Astrologer Siddhartha Goell ​

Horoscope of Prostitude

The sole purpose behind any activity in life is to earn money. Especially when one is progessive and ambitious in life. Herein this horoscope of a woman Ascendant Lord saturn in placed in eleventh house of gains. It is conjuncted with Jupiter who is lord of second house of bank balance and eleventh of earnings. Henceforth her purpose in life was clear, to earn money and rise in life.

Money from Flesh trade

She started her career as a sex worker. Sooner she understood that this profession shall render her good money. Reason explained in her horoscope are as follows:

  1. Mars tenth lord of profession has mutual aspect with ascendant lord saturn and second, eleventh lord Jupiter. This clearly indicates that this woman is focused in her professional life and to fulfills her ambitions shall pursue such pursuits which will give her material gains in life.

Once her carrer as sex worker picked up well, later she bacame madame and started escort service. The source of earning has to come from prostitution because the planet Venus is aspected by Mars i.e. the lord of profession and ascendant lord saturn.

2. Venus is a planet of Sex. When its is aspected by Mars and Saturn it engages one to form physical relations with multiple partners.

3. Here Sex became tool for earning money. Physical relations were developed not for pleasure but purely on business dealings.

4. Debilitated Venus conjuncted with Exhalted Mercury cancelled it’s debilitation and both planets aspect second house of acquired wealth. Therefore, sex trade was modus operandi to earn money.

Moon sign of sex worker

She was not forced into prostitution trade but she infact chose to become a call girl by her own choice. This was bound to happen in her destiny as per planetary position in her horoscope chart. Repitition of Mars, saturn, Venus connection again in her Moon chart confirms this fact.

Why Physical Realtions with multiple partners ?

Natal chart show one’s tendencies. Here aspect of Mars and Saturn on planet Venus will give physical relations with multiple partners. It’s a promise.


Call girl can become a madame of a prostitution racket, if she has money spinning combinations in her horoscope chart. Herein this case a woman chose to become call girl by her own free will and made successful career in escort services. Key planets that give physical relations with multiple partners are Venus, Mars, Saturn and Rahu. Their mutual connection with respect to money rendering houses in one’s horoscope, promises income from flesh trade, explains Astrologer Siddhartha Goell

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