Black Magic Evil Eye Hypnotism Tantra Jaadu removal simple solution  @Astrologer Siddhartha Goell ​

What is Black Magic ?

There are some super natural powers in this cosmic universe, which has potential to good and also BAD to harm the person, depending upon by which medium it is sent. Here in, we will discuss about Destructive power of Black Magic. It is purely done with intention to bound anybody’s mind, resulting in restriction on that individual’s body movement and compel him or her to do or behave in the manner, as desired by the person, who has performed Black Magic.

The sole purpose of conductor of Black magic is to make other person instrumental

How to do Black Magic

There are several ways prescribed to perform black magic. The act requires human sacrifice like slaughter of human or animals.

Use of hair, skin, used clothes of person, upon which black magic has to be done. Some tantra in graveyard and lots of other things which is darker side of other World

Purpose of Black Magic Hypnotism

Some do it to settle their own score, some do it for fulfilling their sexual needs, some for material gains, purpose may vary but the one who become target, his or her Life becomes hell

Impact of Black Magic

It is important to mention here that besides human beings, black magic works on building, open land, farmhouse, any premises or structure build of brick and mortar too

The one who comes under influence of black magic, becomes puppet in the hands of doer.

How to get Rid off Black Magic

The most difficult part is how to set oneself free from black magic. The solution is few but the most powerful among them is to wear the Amulet of Kamakhya diety. The brief story about diety in Hindu mythology is that consort of lord Shiva that is parwati. Her vaginal portion of her body fell here and therefore it became a place of sacred worship. Reason being that as women get outflow of blood from their monthly menstrual cycle, in the same way diety sheds her blood, but only once in a year in the month of June

This blood is soaked into large pieces of cloth and given in small pieces packed in Amulet, to devotees, as prashad

Anyone who has any ailments related to reproductive organs in body or one who is victim of black magic, must wear this Amulet

It ward off all evil effects and bring harmony in one’s life. Wearer is blessed with long and healthy life

To get this Amulet , please contact office team of Astrologer Siddhartha Goell

on +91-7827020780

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