Wonders of Vaastu

Vaastu means dwelling of human beings and Gods in the original Sanskrit literature. Since the whole universe is consisting of five elements namely Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space, the principles of Vaastu bring balance and harmony among these five elements; leading to more flexibility to the body and mind of people, enabling them to live a better life.

Once this immense force of Almighty begins to support us, all our objectives are fulfilled in easy, spontaneous and effortless manner.

If construction is not according to the principles of Vaastu, then thinking and action of the people dwelling or working in these places is not harmonious and evolution leading to disorderliness.

This is the main reason of discontent and sufferings of the society at present, on the contrary, if the laws of nature which are elaborated and incorporated in the science of Vaastu are followed, then all the divine powers support the thinking and action of the people associated with such concern.

Thus, there is a great need for the Architects and Vaastu Engineers to co-ordinate; since an architect can build a posh house but can’t assure happy life to the people dwelling in that house, whereas Vaastu-science assures peace, prosperity and progress to the owner as also the inmates.

If setting of things are according to the principles of Vaastu, the thoughts, speech and actions are supported by nature and lead to health and happiness.

In addition to Karmas in this life, two things-Fate and Vaastu affect the life of a person, each responsible for 50% happiness in life. If Vaastu is poor, the result as compared to efforts will be half even if the stars are exalted and the fate is very strong. As against this if Vaastu is right and the planetary position is unfavorable then also the ill effects will not be so bad, as to that when both are poor. This means that if a house or industry is constructed according to Vaastu, Man’s destiny may be changed for the better.