Need for Intimacy is Ageless

A healthy relationship can positively influence all aspects of life, including self-esteem, productivity and marriage. However, neither sex nor marriage seems to be concern any more for many in urban educated society. For them the priority is to earn money, compete and win over others, fast. The source of marital discord has been traced to be stress and crazy work schedules also, that sap sexual vitality. Experts opine psychological impotence can come on suddenly by job stress and nagging everyday situations which has become feature of a modern urban educated society with BPO’s and other commercial establishments  operating 24*7. There are men who perform extremely well in office but fail in nurturing a relationship as all energy and focus is on the competition to climb up the excessive ladder. Psycho analyst say “ When people are under pressure all the time-work, at home, financially and in relationships, stress hormones stay raised, causing long-term damage to health. Medical experts believe that psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, guilt, depression, low self-esteem and fear of sexual failure cause dysfunction.

Added to this problem is the change in mind set of women. No more are women decorative pieces in home or in office. With increasing number of women climbing the competitive corporate ladder, companies seems to be leaving no stone unturned to lure them and are even offering existing employees an additional bonus for referring a female employee. The latest trend seems to be taking in larger women workforce as they bring their own perspectives  for things and have emerged as better professionals in any situation, says expert. “Women bring their own perspectives and also diverse set of views to flow onto the table. We are giving a lot of preference to women and give them equal opportunities in all programs”, says recruiters in the corporate world.

Earlier women denied some of some of their feminine attributes in order to earn a living in a work force that rewarded masculine attributes but now their feminine attributes are recognized as better for growth of the company. In the present scenario it is no longer the man who copes with the job stress and is caged in offices outside the office hours but also even the woman, who in no way wants to be considered as the weaker sex especially when competing with men to rise up the executive ladder.

In such competitive scenario it is the marriage and children, who suffer most as couple who work are always short of time. The conflict starts when both husband and wife have different social commitments as per dictates of the job. Both snatch away any time, from work, to bust tensions. The timing of the freer mood in a freer zone seldom matches with the time available to the spouse and becomes an issue of conflicts. The findings of a recent survey is that working parents spend only 30 minutes with their children. As per the survey a working woman spends nearly 10 hours in office, over 2.5 hours travelling, 6-7 hours sleeping and 3 hours doing household chores. Most of the surveyed said, the pressure at work are such that they have to reach office early and get out of office late.

These are the debates that should go on for achieving a healthy marriage and from there, a healthy Society.