No Marriage yogas in Horoscope of Rahul Gandhi- kya Shaadi नहीं होगी राहुल गांधी की ?

To Know the possibilities of Marriage of son of India’s most powerful family. One needs to analyse the horoscope charts of Mr. Rahul Gandhi. What does his stars predict as explained by Astrologer Siddhartha Goell. Indian politician and leader of opposition Mr. Rahul Gandhi needs no introduction, as his family legacy in Indian political scene is well known. Let us see discuss about his personal Life

Horoscope of Mr. Rahul Gandhi

No Marriage yogas in Horoscope of Rahul Gandhi

Role of planets posited or influencing ascendant and seventh house, plays an important role in respect to Marriage or Relationships. Any malefic aspect or affliction, leads to no Marriage or break up in Relationships. Here in this case Position, Aspect and Conjunction results are as follows:-

1. Retrograde Jupiter is placed in Ascendant, in his enemy sign Libra. Jupiter is Lord of sixth house of difference of opinion, conflicts etc…aspects debilitated Saturn, posited in seventh house of Marriage. Therefore connection of both develops a combination for no Marriage or break up of Relationship, if any.

2. Jupiter Lord of sixth house is aspecting 5th house of children and emotions. It’s Lord is Saturn, which is placed in 7th house of Marriage. This indicates two things. Firstly, an attraction towards a female belonging to different caste, community, religion. Other than Hindu. Secondly, if any such Relationship develops, that also will end up in break up. Hence, will not materialize into Marriage.

3. Saturn lord of 4th house of family, that should also be considered for Marriage, is debilitated and aspected by 6th Lord retrograde Jupiter. Therefore such connection leads to no family life.

4. Venus, karka of Marriage is affiliated. Firstly, by being in paap kartari yoga. Malefic Sun, Mars and Ketu, have gripped it from either sides. Secondly, any malefic planet placed in 6th ,8th and 12th house from Venus, afflicts the characteristics of this planet of love. Therefore, such people suffer or deprives of love from opposite sex.

5. From the Moon sign, malefic Sun and Mars are placed in 7th house of Marriage. Aspect of Debilitated Saturn and retrograde Jupiter, weakens the scope of Marriage. Role of Mars, Sun are separative planets, Aspect of debilitated Saturn on them, creates a yoga for denial of Marriage. Even if a person tries to tie a knot, that Relationship will either break or lead to a very unhappy marriage.

Navamsha Chart of Rahul Gandhi

6. Vargottam but Retrograde Jupiter posited in Lagna, aspecting Moon placed in 7th house of Marriage. Again role of 6th lord plays a spoil sport here.

7. Lagna Lord Venus is debilitated in 12th house and is aspecting by Mars Lord of 7th house of Marriage. But Mars is giving this Aspect from 6th house. Leading no probability of Marriage. One should also not miss to see here that Venus is also lord of 8th house of mystery, suspense, placed in 12th house of foreign country. When this combination forms in a horoscope, it reflects a hidden Relationship. Perhaps a secret Marriage or any such Relationship, that is equivalent to Marriage.

8. Moreover, conjunction of Saturn with Sun and in birth chart Saturn is aspecting Sun. Such strong influence of Saturn on Sun, develop person’s disinterest towards Marriage.

9. In birth chart connection of 7th Lord of Marriage, Mars is in enemy sign Gemini. In Navamsha Chart too, Mars is affiliated due to it’s placement in 6th house, moreover in dual sign of Jupiter. Any connection of Mars with Jupiter is not good for Marriage. Here it is also aspecting Retrograde Jupiter.

10. The the above can be seen from Moon sign too in Navamsha Chart.

All the parameters applied and tested on Horoscope of Rahul Gandhi, confirms No Marriage

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