Why did Narendra Modi remained single ? Marriage but No Marriage for PM Narendra Modi Man of Mission

Horoscope of Narendra Modi


Marriage but No Marriage yoga in Horoscope of Narendra Modi

1. Scorpio Ascendant with Lagna Lord Mars, conjuncted with debilitated Moon. Cancels the debilitation. Both planets gives him dynamic personality, makes him energetic and looks younger and active. But Moon being a luminary is affliction by debilitation. Hence, couldn’t give marital bliss. Such yoga, creates disinterest towards Marriage.

2. Among other house, 4th house of family should also be considered for Marriage. Here Retrograde Jupiter is posited in enemy sign, aspected by Mars, Saturn and Venus. Therefore, house is affiliated. Leading to no family formation.

3. 5th house of Children is affiliated due to being in Rahu/Ketu Axis. Lord of fifth house and karka of children, both Jupiter, is afflicted.

4. 7th house of Marriage is afflicted because of Malefic aspect of Mars, Saturn and Retrograde Jupiter. House Lord and karka of Marriage, Venus is also afflicted due to it’s placement in enemy Sign and aspect of Retrograde Jupiter. Therefore, got married only for name sake but didn’t spent a single day as a married man.

5. 8th house foretells about the longevity of Marriage or Relationship. Here Aspect of Mars in enemy sign Gemini, is potential enough to break this Marriage. House lord Mercury is retrograde and in Rahu/Ketu Axis. So, this marriage couldn’t survive.

6. 12th house of bedroom is aspected by malefic Saturn and house lord Venus is conjuncted with Saturn. Therefore denial of Marital enjoyment. Apart from this, 5th lord of thought process and also being a dev guru Jupiter, it’s Aspect on 12th house of ashram, salvation, yog, tapasya. Gave him in inclination towards a spiritual life. Jupiter is also aspecting 12th lord Venus and planet of detachment Saturn. So, this combination created his disinterest towards #Marriage.

Navamsha Chart of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

6. Retrograde Jupiter in Lagna in Scorpio sign. Connection of Mars-Jupiter in any manner in 1st or 7th Houses is bad for Marriage.

7. Aspect of Saturn and Mars, on Ketu in 4th house of family, destroys happiness from family. This lead to No Marriage. No family.

8. Again lord of 7th house of Marriage and karka Venus, though is vargottam but in enemy sign, also in Rahu/Ketu Axis is affiliated.

9. Luminaries Sun and Moon are also afflicted. Sun being in sign of Saturn and Moon is aspected by Saturn. Therefore, shows his disinterest towards Marriage.

All the parameters applied and tested on Horoscope of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi as explained by Astrologer Siddhartha Goell clarifies why did he chose to remain single in life

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