NRI groom cheated desi girl in Marriage – विदेशी दूल्हे ने दिया शादी के नाम पर धोखा

To fulfill her great American dream, this girl married an Indian boy who is settled in USA.But she got shock of her life, when after marriage she reached America to join her husband there.She got to know that he was already married to a woman, prior to marrying her. She faced humiliation when he introduced her as a house maid, called up from India.The astrological yogas present in one’s horoscope, should never be neglected, else one will have to face such consequences. Explains here relationship Counselor Astrologer Siddhartha Goell, tried, applied and tested all planetary combinations on her birth chart

Horoscope of Girl who married NRI

Although the promise of this disaster was clear in her horoscope. What are those planetary combinations which lead this happen ? Let’s discuss it with her birth chart.

1. Ascendant lord Jupiter, posited in fifth house, in a sign of Mars. Any connection between Mars-Jupiter is harmful for marriage, especially when it is formed in 5th house of emotions. As from this house, is assessed happiness from Marriage. Moreover, Jupiter is karka of Marriage and is aspected by malefic Saturn, which makes it more afflicted

.2. Second house of family is afflicted by placement of Malefic planets. Sun-Rahu combination generates solar eclipse because Rahu being an enemy whenever ingress luminaries, swallow them that leads to Eclipses. Moreover, the sign is Capricorn ie. Lordship of Saturn. Which is again enemy sign of Sun. Sun is Lord of ninth house of luck and foreign. Therefore, it has to bring suffering to her.

3. Mercury, Lord of Seventh house of Marriage and spouse, placed in second house is heavily afflicted due to it’s conjunction with Sun and Rahu. This clearly indicates that spouse will cheat on her.

4. Moon, Lord of 8th house is posited in 7th house of Marriage in Gemini sign. Any connection of 8th house with 7th house creates problems in marriage especially when it is in dual Sign.

 5. 8th house reflects longevity of Marriage or Relationship. Any affliction here breaks the man-woman relationship. Here malefic ketu is posited, which is aspected by Enemy Sun and cruel Saturn. That’s why this combination lead to break up.

6. Mercury, Lord of 7th house, both in Rashi chart and navamsha Chart is debilitated and aspected by lagna lord Jupiter. Therefore, has to suffer from hands of spouse.

7. First and seventh house comes under influence of Rahu/ketu axis. Here there is no benefic influence. Moreover, conjunction of Rahu with Mars in seventh house in dual sign, ignites it more.

8. Again repetition of affliction on 9th house of luck and foreign. Sun is placed in 6th house of litigation and aspected by Enemy, Saturn from 12th house of courts, losses and foreign lands.

9. Moon, karka of Mind is afflicted by being placed in sign of Saturn and also aspected by Saturn. So it gave her enough mental torture.10. All above when analysed from Moon sign, confirms same in both charts.

Remarriage of Girl deserted by NRI husband

11. Law of compensation, gave her relief. Exalted Venus helped her to start her new marriage again by Remarriage

All parameters applied and tested on her horoscope confirms that she’ll have to suffer in marriage with a NRI Groom.

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