NRI shaadi – abandoned by husband

Innocent Girl married a NRI Groom but later abandoned by him. This is a real life story. The event which took place is explained well by Relationship Counselor Astrologer Siddhartha Goell with the help of her horoscope.

Horoscope of Bride

1. Planet of beauty, posited in own sign and aspecting, ascendant gave her a magnetic personality. Girl is very beautiful and has fair complexion.

Yogas due to which husband abandoned her

1. Afflicted ascendant lord Mars, posited in 8th in enemy sign, Gemini.

2. Mars is conjuncted with cruel planet Sun and moreover conjunction of Mars-Jupiter is also undesirable for Matrimonial matters. Hence, 8th lord of longevity of Marriage is heavily afflicted.

3. Karka planet and also Lord of 7th house of Marriage is affiliated. Firstly by aspect of Saturn. Secondly, Venus and 7th house, both are in paap kartari yoga ie. It’s compressed between Malefics. Rahu on one and Mars, Sun on either side.

4. 12th house of bedroom romance and foreign country is also afflicted. Firstly by being in Rahu/Ketu axis. Secondly, Lord of 12th Venus is heavily afflicted, as explained earlier. So suffered on account of NRI Groom, settled in foreign country.

Navamsha Chart of Bride

5. Lord of 7th house of birth chart ie. Venus is affiliated by it’s placement in 6th, also within Rahu/Ketu axis.

6. Moon, Lord of 7th house of navamsha is positioned in 6th house, conjuncted with Venus and Ketu. Therefore, Lord is afflicted and promise of break up in relationship is there.6. Again, 7th house of Marriage is under paap kartari yoga by being compressed in between ketu and Saturn from either sides.

7. All the above mentioned yogas when analysed by Moon and Venus,  shows same affliction, resulting in break up of marriage by divorce.

Remarriage yogas in Horoscope

8. Lagna lord Mars in dual sign in Rashi chart. In Navamsha Chart, Mars is in sign of Venus and aspected by Saturn.8. Karka and Lord of 7th house Venus is aspected by Saturn. In Navamsha, Venus is in dual sign.

9. 9th house is considered for Remarriage. Here connection of 11th lord Mercury and ascendant lord Mars with Moon, makes this possible.

All the above parameters applied and tested confirms divorce and Remarriage

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