Guru Chandal dosh – Rahu creates Brain Poisoning, Jealousy, illusions

Who are Rahu/Ketu ? What does they do

Rahu and ketu, the two nodes, are two most terrible planets, born in the race of Asuras. Whenever the Sun or Moon enter the Node’s space, those shining ones begin to quiver in fear, for an eclipse occurs whenever these two demons conjoined luminaries. Rahu, has a Vata constitution. He is severed head of the son of the almighty Viprachitti and Simhika. Rahu expressly afflicts the Moon, creating false illusion, Brain Poisoning and mental illness. Therefore it is very strong, dangerous and capable of destruction beyond imagination. Especially when one is running to through time period of planets which are afflicted in horoscope.

Here #AstrologerSiddharthaGoell, explains elaborately with a help of a birth chart, a real case study of Rahu’s negative impact.

Horoscope with Guru-Chandaal Yoga

1. Ascendant lord Mars is positioned in 9th house of luck in conjunction with exhalted Jupiter and Rahu.

2. Rahu deliver it’s results and behaves in accordance to it’s placement of house, association of planets and it’s depositor. Here in this case, due to it’s conjunction with exhalted Jupiter, it’s own position has strengthened.

3. Jupiter being Lord of 2nd ie. Money and 5th lord too, is positioned in 9th house, therefore connection of trine houses, forms a very good yoga.

4. As anticipated and predicted by other Astrologers that this person in Jupiter major period will rise in life. But on the contrary, he suffered majorly. Reason being it’s close proximity with Rahu. This association forms a Guru-Chandaal yoga. Though Gaj-kesri yoga could not bring any relief.

Demotion in Job and Downfall in Profession

5. 5th house is of planning, thought process, logical thinking. Any impact of Rahu on this house or it’s Lord, corrupts it’s function. House Lord Jupiter is under influence of Rahu.

6. Rahu conjunction with 5th lord Jupiter compels one to take wrong decision-making. It’s conjunction with 6th lord Mars, creates jealousy and landing one in controversies.

7. Hence, Rahu channels one in waste of energy and all efforts of progress will go waste.

All parameters applied and tested confirms that because of Guru-Chandaal yoga in horoscope with conjunction of Debilitated Mars, played a spoil sport. Major period of exhalted Jupiter gave it’s worst results.

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