Sushant Singh Rajput Suicide: An untold Story

Horoscope of Sushant Singh Rajput

Salient features

1. Scorpio Ascendant with ascendant lord Mars in twelfth house and aspecting tenth Lord of Profession. This establishes the fact that he moved out of his native place and made his career in  Mumbai.

Education of Sushant Singh Rajput

2. Ascendant lord Mars also aspect fifth Lord of education Jupiter, which is intact also karka of education, this clarifies the fact that native shall get his education from distant place outside his hometown. He did his schooling and college from New Delhi 

Passion for Acting

3. Third house is of performing arts. Here tenth lord of Profession Sun is placed with karka of Creative works ie. Venus  and also karka of learning Jupiter. Hence, he had passion for Acting and dancing, so he learnt and pursed the same as his career. 

Will to Fight against all Odds

4. Since 2003 onwards his Rahu major period had started. It is positioned in sixth house of struggle and also gave him stamina and courage to fight against all odds. Because Rahu is aspecting ascendant lord Mars in 6/12 axis giving him Fierce energy to accomplish his goals.

Entry into Entertainment Industry

5. During Rahu sub period he was chosen to perform as background dancer at 51st Filmfare awards. Then in subsequent Jupiter sub period got attached with Balaji Telefilms and his journey of television serials began

 6. Continuity in career maintained and also was noticed and talent was recognised by audience. All this time Saturn sub period was running. As lord of third house of self efforts, courage and hard work, he achieved and established himself as an actor. Saturn is aspecting tenth house and tenth Lord Sun and also Venus, Jupiter and Moon.

 7. In Mercury sub period, which is lord of eleventh house of Name and fame, he got chance to show his talent in Movies. As the Mercury promised, he got tremendous Name, Fame and Money. As Mercury Lord of eleventh house of gains, placed in Second house of bank balance, his wealth started multiplying.

Professional Graph

8. Constant rise in his professional graph was there because dasha of planets which he was going through was fully supportive. After Mercury, Ketu, Venus, Sun sub periods all were fully capable of giving success and continuity in work.

 9. False notion has been created that because he was out of work, therefore he strangulated himself and died. But it is not so. Leaving few films might add to his current depression situation but it is certainly not the only reason for his suicide, explains Astrologer Siddhartha Goell

Depression phase of Sushant Singh Rajput

In Rahu/Moon period this unfateful event happened. Let’s us discuss the root cause of the problem. Moon, is karka of Mind and emotions. It is afflicted by aspect of Saturn, which creates gloom. Mars planet of aggression, moreover being conjuncted with Ketu, worsen the situation because in this case person experiences such mood swings and mental turmoils and he can’t overcome and impulsively reacts to what he is going through

Though debilitated Jupiter is aspecting Moon, therefore it kept him under control during his depression period for which he was getting treatment. But this peaked in Rahu/Moon/Venus period when he took away his life. Venus is markesh as Lord of Seventh and twelfth house
Reasons for suicide can be assessed by scrutinizing his horoscope.

Relationships of Sushant Singh Rajput

In Saturn sub period he entered into a relationship with his co-star Ankita Lokhande. As Saturn is aspecting Seventh house of Relationship and also Venus, this happened and continued till 2016

Navamsa Kundli

Since Venus sub period began from 2015 onwards and in Navamsha Chart it is exhalted, he got in relationships with other girls too. Because in Navamsha Chart exhalted Venus is placed in eighth house, which explains end of one and begining of another relationships, so this trend continued.

Tough man but couldn’t beat the Blues

Taurus sign signifies bull which is known for endurance, patience, calmness and Hard work. Mars-ketu are posited in sixth house of struggle and fight, making him fully capable to make his way in life. But Several affliction on Moon as explained, made him impulsively took his drastic decision of terminating his own life

Suicide facts

Because he ended his life in Venus sub sub period, it needs attention to verify the cause of suicide. Venus like Moon is also calls for emotional side of a person. Both are conjoined in eighth house in Navamsha kundli. Navamsha Lagna Lord Sun also joined them and all were aspected by eighth Lord Jupiter. Therefore,  leading this suicide because of several mood swings and emotional turmoil. Apart from from, which is only part and parcel of life, he was terribly feeling lonely and longing for a stable relationship, which was missing in his life. During this time period he was on his emotional journey which took him back to time clock where he was recalling his earlier years of his relationship that lasted for six years. Adding all this disturbances of emotions and fraction of professional setbacks in current assignments, he was in his deep blues. As our brave Hero couldn’t balance this tide at this point of time during his depression phase, ended up his life at an impulsive note
 Everyone has depression, some expresses but some don’t. My suggestion is to all, never take it lightly, it can prove to be fatal

Siblings of Sushant Singh Rajput

Third house and lord are for siblings. Connection between them shows that he was deeply connected with his kins and family. From Moon sign same clarifies. Rajyoga here confirms one of his sister Ritu, is known to be popular State level cricketer

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