Marriage Arrange or Love? know it through Horoscope by Relationship Astrologer Siddhartha Goell

Key planet Venus is significator for Attraction. Any Love story will begin from attraction and thereafter Romance will start

Parameters to seen in a horoscope for love Marriage:-

1. Planet Venus, which is karka for love, sex and Romance. It creates one’s inclination towards creativity, such activities and hobbies which is associated with creative works. Venus is planet of beauty. It generates feeling of being loved by one’s partner. It drives urge for companionship.

2. So position of Venus, it’s placement and it’s aspect and conjunction with other planets, influences it. Strength or weakness of Venus determines, the outcome of a relationship

3. Fifth house in a birth chart, is for desire, thinking, planning and longing for love. This house indicate, one’s attachment towards their lover. Any connection of fifth house, it’s lord or planets with seventh house, signifies love marriage or a relationship which is formed between person for the purpose of marriage. Fifth house should be seen for feelings. How one feels, desire for being loved

4. Second key planet, which should be considered for assessing love marriage is, Mars It’s a planet of courage, energy and stamina. To confess, admit and confide among your family, friends or relatives that you love someone, requires courage. And in adverse situation, to stand by your lover, one needs courage too, to fight against all odds. If planet Mars is strong, one may achieve his goal to get love of his life. Sometimes people with weak Mars, fail to confide their feelings even to the one, they love Besides strength, Mars blesses one with determination to fulfill one’s ambition To express one’s feeling, Mars is always very helpful

5. Third house in horoscope chart is to be looked for courage. Lord of third house and planets associated with it, influences one for hard work and render courage to fight for his goals

6. Like Venus, another sensitive planet is Moon. Strength of moon determines state of one’s mind. Healthy mind gives positive approach. So outcome of one’s relationship is also depends upon strength of Moon

7. Ascendant, planets posited here and planets influencing first and seventh house, plays to their role

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