Hindu Girl marries Muslim boy- Marriage was success can be seen through Astrology

A traditional Hindu Brahmin Girl falls in love with a Muslim Boy and marries him. In a orthodox society, it was a very bold step, which she took

Parameters to be seen for inter religion marriage in horoscope :-

1. Venus placed in fifth house of feelings and emotions, developed desire for love. Here Venus is posited in own sign Taurus.

2. Secondly, Mars which is placed in 9th house of religion and aspecting third house of courage. It render her fighting strength to take her stand for marriage with the boy, she was in love with

3. Moon is in Gaj kesri rajyoga with lord of Ascendant ie. Saturn

4. First and seventh house of horoscope is in Rahu/ketu Axis. Which indicates relationship with inter caste boy

5. Ninth house, it’s lord and planets influencing it, determines inter religion marriage or conversion to other religions. Here Mars is posited in enemy sign ie. Virgo. Mercury, Lord of Ninth house is placed in seventh house of spouse. It’s his enemy sign ie. Cancer. Besides this it’s in Rahu and ketu Axis. Therefore, it’s afflicted

6. Jupiter planet of religion is also afflicted by it’s placement in eighth house, which changes the present pattern. It’s conjunction with Saturn makes it uncomfortable. Moreover, it is compressed between malefics on either side ie. Rahu, Saturn and Mars. Hence, affliction to Jupiter, confirm inter religion marriage and conversion to Islam.

It is a perfect case of love marriage with inter religion boy explains relationship Counselor astrologer Siddhartha Goell

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