Denial of Marriage can be seen through Astrology- Promise of No Marriage was there in her horoscope

In spite of best efforts, why one fails to get married ?

Answer lies in one’s horoscope chart, explains Relationship Counselor Astrologer Siddhartha Goell

This case discussed here is of a girl, who has reached age of 48 years. She made every possible efforts for marriage,even her family tried their best to find marriage alliance for her but no proposal could mature. It’s very disheartening, moreover when the girl herself is from well to do family, is well educated and professionally well settled in life.

What are the parameters for no marriage ?

1. Jupiter is placed in ascendant, but it’s in sign of Mars i.e. Scorpio. Any such combination of Mars and Jupiter, especially in 1/7 of birth chart, is not good for Marriage

2. Eighth Lord Mercury is also conjuncted with Jupiter in first house. Whenever role of eighth house or lord comes, therefore obstacles come. Moreover, when Mercury is also afflicted by it’s placement in enemy sign

3. Connection of sixth house/lord create problems in marriage matters. Here in this case, sixth house Lord Mars is placed in fifth house in Jupiter sign ie. Pisces. So again same principle applies as mentioned in paragraph no.1. Besides this, Mars is apsecting eighth house. So connection of sixth and eighth is established. Which is hindrance in Marriage

4. Saturn with its retrograde aspect, is also aspecting eighth house and Venus, how is significator of marriage.

5.Planet Venus, Significator of marriage is affiliated, firstly by it’s placement in sign of Saturn ie. Capricorn. Besides this, Venus is in Rahu/ketu axis. So it’s in helpless condition

6. Fourth house is compressed between malefics. By Rahu and Mars on either sides. Lord of fourth house, Saturn is retrograde, in seventh house of marriage. Therefore, house and it’s lord both are afflicted. So the marital bliss and happiness, after marriage, which is to be assessed by fourth house becomes Nil

7. Fifth house is for progeny. Here, lord of sixth house Mars is posited, so denial of children

8. Saturn also aspects ketu, which is posited in Ninth house. So it’s afflicting house of luck, too Henceforth, all parameters of No Marriage is explained herewith by Relationship Counselor Astrologer Siddhartha Goell

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