Astrology can tell about past life regression with the help of one’s horoscope

Whenever one dies in painful circumstances, their memories gets carried forward in reincarnation and reflects in the form of individual’s character

Reincarnation case discussed here establishes the memories linked with past life

Parameters which should be seen in one’s horoscope to know about next life birth

  1. Ninth house or Ninth lord explain probabilities of next birth. In this particular birth chart of this female, Venus,lord of Ninth house is placed in Ascendant. Therefore connection of next birth is established with this birth.

What was the mental state of mind of person before one’s death ? How this emotions govern their feelings in their next birth is explained here in this case of reincarnation

  1. Moon the lord of sixth house of injury is placed in third house of mental inclination. Moon is Significator of emotions and feelings. Here, it’s afflicted because being in Rahu ketu Axis. It’s aspecting Ninth house of next birth. Hence, this proves that the painful memories of her this lifetime will be carried forward with her in her next birth.
  2. Ninth house is fifth from fifth house of progeny. It happened that during her delivery, while giving birth to baby, she had to endure unbearable pain due to which she died
  3. Aspect of Mars on moon, suggest surgical procedure. Which in her case happened.
  4. Significator of children is Jupiter, which is debilitated

So before death pain she suffered, created phobia in mind, that she carried forward to her next birth Therefore in reincarnation, she had phobia against getting married and delivering children. Which could be assessed in her next birth’s horoscope chart.

Moon lord of fifth house of progeny and feelings, goes to twelfth house in the sign of Aquarius, which is ascendant of her past life Therefore memories of past life got connected, explains Astrologer Siddhartha Goell

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