failed career demotion in job happened due to Rahu in horoscope explain Astrologer Siddhartha Goell

Role of shadowy planet Rahu can be very fatal in one’s life.

Here in this case, this gentleman experienced demotion in job especially when every astrologer had predicted success for him because Jupiter major period was about to start. Moreover, when Jupiter is ex halted in 9th house of luck

How Career got spoiled

Jupiter-Rahu forms Guru Chandaal yoga

  1. Point to be noted is that combination of Jupiter-Rahu forms Guru Chandaal yoga Jupiter is Lord of 2nd house of finance and communication.
  2. Also it is lord of 5th house of thinking and planning. Though it is exhalted but it’s conjunction with Mars and Rahu, corrupts it’s all good qualities

Brain Poisoning triggered by Rahu

  1. Mars is 6th house of controversy and conflicts. Besides this, Mars is debilitated. So together all these planets are rendering it’s most harmful results because of brain poisoning. Rahu is giving harsh speech which is reflecting in communication. Planning and thinking process got corrupted by faulty logic
  2. Association of Mars, which is 6th lord created controversies and conflicts.
  3. Moreover, lord of luck ie. 9th lord moon is placed in 6th house, so mind and luck got stuck in waste of energy. Individual engages oneself in back biting, jealousy and fighting.

Due to all this situation, this person got demotion in job. Faced humiliation and his career collapsed Explains Career Counselor Astrologer Siddhartha Goell

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