Mental Illness and Ailments of Mind, Brain and Body

Mind refers to the integrative functions of the brain and psychology is the systematic study of mind.

Importance of Mind

Faculties of the mind include perception, thinking, memory and intelligence

Mental Aberration consequences

Psychological disturbance resulting in one’s failure in coping with one’s responsibilities, failure in carrying the loads in life. This happens due to weakness in personality, which is causing mental disorders

Well balanced people can experience mental disturbance during big crisis in life. Whereas, people with unstable personality outlook, breaks down even with very small loads in life

Role of planet Moon

Moon signifies Mind. Strength or weakness of moon, has direct impact on one’s mental health. Any affliction on Moon, affects emotional reactions, feelings, attachment and mental compatibility with others. 

Role of Mercury

Planet Mercury is significator of intelligence, discipline, academic, logical reasoning, aptitude for acquiring knowledge. It also indicates nervous system. Mercury governs higher functioning of Brain

Role of Jupiter

Wisdom comes with strength of Jupiter. It signifies understanding and maturity in handling situation.

Role of Fifth house of horoscope

The fifth house deals with intelligence, thinking and logic.    Planning and thought process largely gets influenced by position, aspects and conjunction of planets associated with Fifth house and Fifth lord

Assessment of  Mental health and solution to the problem can be found easily through Horoscope, explains Relationship Counselor Astrologer Siddhartha Goell

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